10 Best Cake Decorating Tools for Beginners

Best Cake Decorating Tools for Beginners
Are you a budding baker? Do you have dreams of becoming a pastry chef someday? The first step in achieving your dreams is to gain a good amount of knowledge of all the baking tools. As an amateur, you must have all the best cake decorating tools for beginners to help you advance. Everyone begins as a novice, but sheer hard work, loads of practice, and the right tools, makes one successful. So, dive into the list of the 10 most needed cake decorating tools and their uses that'll help you hone your skills.

Serrated Knife 

serrated knife Do you want to make those layered insta-worthy cakes? The serrated knife is one of the best cake decorating tools for beginners and the pros. You can make tortes and fill the layers with lip-smacking frosting. The cuts or serrations are usually broad to help cut the cake easily without damaging it.

Cake Airbrush 

Cake airbrush Just like airbrush makeup gives you a flawless look, the cake airbrush makes your cake beautiful. It's one of the highly essential tools for cake decoration, as they help you beautify the cake with edible paint. You can get creative with this tool, and compared to a paintbrush, cover a lot of space to paint. Not to forget, it is the number 1 cake decorating tool to achieve a gradient look.

Piping Bags 

Piping bags How will you make those floral and adorable designs? Piping Bags! They are plastic bags attached to a nozzle (covered below) that are filled with the buttercream you prepared. The only way to get comfortable using the piping bags for decoration or baking is practice. Mind you, it takes time!

Piping Nozzles 

Piping Nozzles  Are you amazed at how those bakers make roses and whatnot designs? Well, you can achieve that too with lots of practice and the right cake decorating tools. The nozzles are small metallic fixtures that are placed at the end of the piping bags. Their tips are cut differently to give you the design you desire. So, you can make leaves, rose petals, or many more accurate designs with piping nozzles.

Cake Turntable

Cake turntable Next up on the cake decorating tools and their uses list is the turntable. It is a round table that turns and has a base to support it. This table is vital for icing the cake, piping borders, designing, or adding details as it turns 360°. The cake turntable ranks number 1 in the essential tools for cake decoration, because, without it, you won't be able to do an impressive job.

Cake Scrapper 

How to Layer and Frost a Cake with Perfectly Smooth Sides - YouTube Hands down, the best cake decorating tool for beginners is the cake scraper. It helps scrape off all the extra icing on the cake without any hassle. While most advanced bakers use a spatula, you must start with a scrapper to get your hands on the task. Also, the cake scrapper gives you a smooth finish with no bumps anywhere.

Cake Comb 

Cake Scrapers & Icing Combs Buying Guide The sixth item in the cake decorating tools and their uses blog is the cake comb. This comb gives fine parallel lines on the side of the cake that make it look like a part of the design. On top of that, it helps smooth out spots with excess or scarce icing. It is also one of the quickest and easiest ways to decorate a cake.

Cake Spatula 

Offset Spatula - Kitchen Essential | Kitchn From applying the cream, scraping it off to making designs, the spatula is a multi-purpose and one of the best cake decorating tools for beginners and pros. No one (quite literally) can work on a cake without a cake spatula.

Cake Leveller

Cake Leveller

Do you wish to cut your cake in half? While this task is perilous, the cake leveller makes it super easy. With one hand, you apply light pressure on the cake top, while with the other hand, you run the leveller through the cake. It gives you an even and precise cut. Thus, making it the best cake decorating tool for beginners.

Cake Smoother 

cake smoother The last item in the list of cake decorating tools and their uses is the cake smoother. As the name suggests, it gives the cake surface and sides a smooth finish. It has a flat base and a handle that provides a firm grip to erase all the bumps. It is not only a useful tool but speeds up the process of removing excess icing too.

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