21 Thrilling Activities for a Memorable 21st Birthday

Activities for a Memorable 21st Birthday

It is a huge deal to be 21 years old as the responsibilities and pressures of life, studies and work fall on your shoulders. However, you don’t need to get worked up for you should first enjoy and celebrate this landmark. An age so exciting should be commemorated in an equally riveting manner that best suits you. Take your pick from the list of 21 thrilling activities for a memorable 21st birthday.

Karaoke your Way

Whether you sing as well as Rihanna or not, you can always feel free to sing your heart out in front of your friends and family. Organise a karaoke at your home or go to a bar with a karaoke theme.

Enter an Escape Room

If you and your friends enjoy suspense and thrill then the escape rooms are a perfect choice. Celebrate your birthday trying to solve intriguing mysteries at Captivate Mysteries Room, V-Room, Bugis Village or any other venue.

Opt for Sky Diving

Want to check off one item off your bucket list? Here is your chance to not only fulfil one bucket list desire but to celebrate your birth in the most adrenaline-infused way possible. Head to iFly in Singapore to experience a unique indoor sky diving.

Go on a Short Trip

Unwind yourself by visiting a new country on your birthday. You don’t need to plan for an expensive trip, there are numerous budget-friendly international locations. It is always fun to explore new places, taste new cuisines and learn about different cultures.

Self-Pamper yourself

A birthday is a wonderful time to turn on the self-pampering mode with an exquisite massage. Make bookings at a lavish spa to get a massage that makes you forget about the worldly tensions and pressures.

Play Mini Golf

You don’t need to be Tiger Woods to play golf. Go to Holey Moley to play mini golf with your pals. This place is by far the craziest mini golf venue in Singapore as it holds various unique and funky golf holes. Here’s to a Tee-rific birthday!

Birthday Shopping

What better way to spend your birthday surrounded by your favourite brands? Spend the entire afternoon or day shopping all the items you have craved to buy for so long. Treat yourself with therapeutic self-love by giving yourself a birthday gift.

Attend a Yacht Party

Turning 21 is a big deal which requires a party like no other. Book a yacht or attend a yacht party with your loved ones to ring in your 21st in a flamboyant style. Click a ton of Instagram worthy pictures while sipping champagne.

Plan a Picnic

Planning a picnic for your birthday is not as hectic as it seems. All you need to do is gather your friends, pack bedsheets, cutlery, glasses, alcohol and a birthday cake. For a hassle-free picnic order food from your favourite restaurants. Set up your picnic by the beach or in the Botanic Garden.

Host Sundowner Party 

This year, avoid a late night birthday eve party and host a sundowner. Set up the terrace or balcony with some fairy lights, good food and a music system to groove till the sun goes down. Sundowners are a brilliant way to enjoy a party hosted either at home or at a restaurant.

Take a Long Drive 

It is always a great idea to commemorate your birthday by going for a peaceful long drive. Opt to call either your beloved or a few friends. Go on an early morning drive to watch the sunset or enjoy the serene beauty of the sunset from a hill top.

Attend a Concert

Singapore is always buzzing with some new band playing amazing music. Research for upcoming concerts and book your tickets well in advance. Have a rocking birthday whilst listening to a band play old or self-made rock songs.

Go Trekking

Outdoor enthusiasts and fitness freaks are always game to go trekking in uncharted hills. If you are one of them, it should not take you much time to pack your bags. However, for others, trekking could be a new and zestful adventure. Keep in mind to pack lightly, wear a proper attire. Make a careful and premediated choose of the trail you will trek on.

Book a Buffet Meal

Have a low-key birthday celebration by inviting your closest friends or your immediate family to feat at a buffet. Book a lunch or dinner buffet at the Seoul Garden or Shin Minori in advance to avail some exciting offers. Make sure you and your guests are empty stomach before feasting at vastly spread buffet.

A Day in an Amusement Park

An amusement park is most certainly not just for kids. There are a large number of adults who love to get into the dangerous looking rides for that adrenaline rush. Go to the world famous Universal Studios, Legoland or Adventure Cove Waterpark to have a truly exciting birthday.

Play Laser Tag

Up your birthday party with an activity as thrilling as Laser Tag. Gather your gang of school or college buddies and head to the nearest laser tag venue for an exhilarating and fun-filled day. Some of the laser tag arcades are Hyperspace, The Fun Empire, and Futsal Pitches.

Choose Bar Hoping

All the party-goers, need a celebration wilder than last year. Take out a list of the most happening clubs, dress in your best clothes and get your party started. Choose to hop from one bar to another for a more rocking celebration like F Club X Attica, Crazy Elephant, 4 Hero’s and plenty more.

Go for Wine Tasting

A great way to celebrate your 21st birthday is to go for a wine tasting at the nearest location. Spend the day with your close friends or family members by tasting all the different types of wine along with the delicious cheese.

Set up a Pyjama Party

You are never too old for a pyjama party. Call in your girlfriends or bros to a house with freshly baked goodies, decorated with balloons, and alcohol ready on the bar. Play fun games like twister, video games, charades, or beer pong. You can also set up a pyjama party to ring in your birthday.

Organise a Movie Marathon

For all the lethargic folks who prefer to stay in on their birthdays, a movie marathon is ideal. Call in some friends, dim the lights, open the wine or beer and cook popcorn. You now have a day consisting of the movies or TV series you love beside the people you love.

Plan a Staycation

Do you wish to go on a trip but are unable to due to a low budget or lack of time? The solution to your problem is quite simple. Plan a staycation in one of the gorgeous resorts in Singapore and enjoy the feel of a vacation. Opt for a resort or a hotel in the outskirts of the city’s hustle-bustle.

Now, that you have read what all stirring activities you can do for a fantastic birthday, it is time to make some serious plans. Call your buddies and set your plans into motion for an unforgettable celebration.

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