9 Ways to Make up for Forgetting your Anniversary

Is it okay to forget your anniversary? Not in a million years! However, it is okay if you make a painstaking effort to make up for it. Now how do you do that? It's simple- first: you need to be filled with remorse about this unbelievable omission. Second: you check out the below-mentioned 9 ways to make up for forgetting your anniversary.

Apologise Sincerely

Apologise A fault can never be forgiven unless you apologise for it with sheer sincerity, and this comes from actually feeling guilty about your mistake. However, for forgetting your anniversary date, you need to do more than just apologising slyly. You have got to sit your partner down and explain how foolish you were instead of giving an excuse for it. Remember that an apology is not a solution, rather an opening to the door of solutions.

Give a Handmade Card

sorry card Nothing says I love you or I am sorry better than a handmade card. The beauty of a self-made gift is that it shows the effort and time you put in to make your beau smile. No matter how good or poorly skilled you are at arts and crafts, it is the effort that solely carries the points. Also, shedding a good light on you once AGAIN.

Plan for the Next One

Romantic Dinner One of the most common desires people have is to turn back time. Since you live in a realistic world, you know that the only way to get back in your partner's good books is by planning for the day a year before. As a bonus point, keep this a surprise. So, you can plan a grand party, a trip for two or a luxurious dinner date. Whatever you decide, it has to be exceptionally good.

Get a Grand Gift

Jewelry gifts Gifting is a vital part of celebrations, and when you forget about your anniversary, it becomes a necessity. A luxurious piece of jewellery, say a diamond ring or personalised watch, will make your partner ecstatic. If this seems a bit of a cliché to you, you can always give a series of small gifts. What's better- you can give those many gifts as the number of years you have completed together. If you have been together for seven years, you give seven different gifts as an apology.

Make it up in the Kitchen

Cooking Class This idea is ideal for all those who stay away from the stove. You need to figure out a cuisine that your partner loves and is simple enough for you to come out victorious. Not that it is a competition! Cooking a meal for a partner is always considered a romantic and loving gesture, which is exactly why you need to do it. If making a meal by yourself is too much for you, opt for a dessert dish or a snack. After all, it is your genuine effort that counts!

Go for a Trip

Trip When one forgets about the anniversary, be it the date or year, a distance gets formed between them. This distance is lethal, which is why you must act on it swiftly by booking a romantic getaway. Select a location that your significant other has always wanted to visit. Perhaps even splurge a little on the hotel to show how apologetic you are. Let this trip bridge the gap and bring two lovers together for the most memorable time of your life.

Organise a Romantic Evening

Organise a Romantic Eve A romantic evening is on the top of a list of clichés, but it is also effective. Of Course this has to be a surprise for your beau! The moment they walk into their home, they should feel like they were hit by cupid's arrow. A home-cooked meal, candles all over, dim lights, fine wine and melodious music are everything you need for a night to remember. Take this evening up a notch by dressing up in formals and taking an attire out for your beloved.

Buy Tickets

Buy Tickets What do you two have in common? A sport or band? Either way, get some tickets to the next big game, adventure or concert that you two would thoroughly enjoy. Use this time to bond with each other by being yourself and making fresh memories that will last a lifetime. You can always bring in some mutual friends to make the day a lot more entertaining. Plus, friends are the best spokesperson to convince your beau that you are genuinely apologetic.

Perform a Funny Dance

Perform a Funny Dance We have saved the best idea for last- dancing. The idea behind this is to make your beau laugh at your goofiness and silliness. No one expects or wants you to dance like a professional but like a crazy person. Be picky with the song because it will play a significant role. To add some quirkiness to the whole performance, you can perhaps even twerk (if you are a man) or act macho (if you are a woman). Tip: The more things you do make your beloved feel loved and treasured, the sooner you will be forgiven. Also, whether you are searching for fancy anniversary gifts for wife or boyfriend or hunting for a vacation hotel, give it all your heart.

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