Birthday Celebration Ideas in the Time of Coronavirus

Birthday Celebration Ideas in the Time of Coronavirus

Staying inside the home is the safest option during these challenging times. But again you cannot stop time and the arrival of special occasions like birthdays etc. Generally, everyone loves to hang out with friends, have a party outside, order food from outside, or go for a trip. In quarantine, all this seems like the episodes of the bygone era. 

But even the darkest cloud has a silver lining! You can enjoy your birthday even at this time of the coronavirus epidemic. Check some ideas below:



Bake cookies, cakes, bread, whatever you want or love. It will be great fun to bake together with your loved ones. You might learn some new tricks!



Yes, the theatres are closed but that cannot stop you from watching movies. On your special day, just binge-watch all your favourite movies one after the other.



Have a heart to heart conversation with your family members. It’s priceless. While juggling between work and home, you hardly get the time to see your family members and their activities that they do all through the day. So, seize this opportunity and enjoy your family time.



This birthday, spend your time cleaning your room or the whole house for a change. You will feel like a winner.


Finally, you have no reason not to read. Make a list of those pending books and enter the beautiful world of characters that will inspire you forever.


Remember those childhood games that gave you so much fun like a treasure hunt, hide & seek, dumbcharades, or Pictionary. While spending birthday at home, you can play these games and be a kid all over again.


How long has it been that you haven’t sketched anything or held that paintbrush in your hands? Make the most of the stay-at-home-birthday and draw again.


Have you collected various spa materials to use one fine day? Then this is the time to enjoy your relaxing time in your bathtub. Do that because it’s your special day and you cannot go out.

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