Celebrate Anniversary with these Impressive yet Economical Ideas


No matter how exciting and joyous anniversary celebrations can be, they can also burn a hole in your pocket. However, it does not mean you should avoid commemorating this wonderful day with your significant other.

An anniversary for a married or unmarried couple is a time to reminisce the good old days but preferably in budget-friendly ways. Let’s quit the thoughts of hosting pompous parties or giving luxurious gifts and opt for simpler and comfortable ways to mark the day.

Take a look at the list of 7 impressive yet economical ideas for a memorable anniversary.

Movie at Drive-In Cinema


Bring on the classics by visiting a nearby drive-in cinema in Singapore. Get your snacks and beverages for an evening of fresh air, starry sky and a fantastic movie. Stay in your partner’s arms while you absorb the surreal moment.

Candle Light Dinner at Home 


Why go out for a fancy meal when you can get it at home? Choose to either cook with your partner or all alone for an elegant and formal evening. Get dressed in your best clothes, play a romantic song and get the chilled wine or champagne out. The effort in itself will get you all the points for being the best beau.

Plan a Weekend Getaway


Weekend getaways need not be expensive if you know where to look. If you have a friend who has a secluded cabin or apartment, you can always crash in that place to enjoy the silence. Otherwise, you can pick from the hotels in the outskirts to get away from the hustle-bustle without making you sweat at the expenses.

Give Handmade Gifts 


This year do things differently by giving your beloved a handmade anniversary gift. You don’t need to be an artist to be able to make something good. Your thought and endeavour will make you stay in the good books of your significant other for a long time. If the handmade gift giving goes well, you can perhaps turn it into a ritual. Make sure not to keep the artistry less expensive.

Play Board Games 


Are you the lazy couple who prefers to stay in even on an anniversary? Well, in support of your laziness, the idea of playing board games has risen. Be it a basic monopoly or adult game, choose a board game through a mutual decision to spice things up.

Attend a Street Fair 


Are you not sure of what to do on your anniversary? Check out the street fairs in your locality and have a good time browsing the items, witnessing the décor and munching on delectable street food. This is a fun and economical way of celebrating an unforgettable anniversary.

Bake a Dessert Together 


An anniversary is a celebration of the bond a couple shares with each other, and so in the spirit of togetherness, you should plan a day to bake. That’s right! Whether you bake one or ten different types of desserts, make sure to spend time quality together.

The hunt for anniversary gift ideas for wife or husband has changed drastically with various fun-loving celebration ideas. While gifts will always be classic, inexpensive ideas have turned out to be far better than them.

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