Chinese New Year Gifts Guide: What to Give and Why

chinese new year gift guide

With Chinese New Year around the corner, it’s time to immerse ourselves in the joy, cheer, and goodwill that this auspicious occasion brings. Marking the beginning of the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is not just a time for family reunions and sumptuous feasts but also a season of exchanging heartfelt gifts. The act of gifting during this time is a cherished tradition, symbolising good wishes, prosperity, and the strengthening of bonds. So, are you in search of amazing CNY gifts to send to your loved ones? Well, if you nodded then here are thoughtful gift options that you can consider while choosing the best one.

Goodies Basket

To make a gesture that expresses your wish for a year filled with an abundance of happiness and delicious moments, goodies basket are one of the best options. A basket filled with delectable treats like cookies, chocolates, prawn rolls, soups and cakes is a perfect way to spread joy. The diverse array of treats caters to various tastes, making it a versatile and well-received gift.

Basket of Oranges

Oranges hold significant symbolism in Chinese culture, representing good luck and prosperity. Gifting a basket of fresh, juicy oranges conveys your sincere wishes for a fruitful and abundant year. The vibrant colour of oranges also adds a touch of auspiciousness to the gift making it a simple yet meaningful gesture to share positive energy and good fortune.


If your loved ones are a fan of small sweet bites then cupcakes could be one of the gifts that you can opt for. Adorned with festive decorations and colours, they are a delightful and charming gift option. These sweet treats are perfect for sharing happiness and laughter. Also, the act of giving cupcakes signifies the sweetness of your relationship and your desire for a joyful and pleasant year ahead. Moreover, it is even better if you choose flavours that resonate with the recipient’s preferences.

Flower Arrangement

Flowers have always been a timeless gift, and during the Chinese New Year, they take on special significance. Opt for a stunning flower arrangement that includes auspicious blooms like peonies, orchids, and chrysanthemums. These flowers symbolise wealth, prosperity, and longevity. A carefully curated floral gift not only adds beauty to the festive atmosphere but also conveys your best wishes for a flourishing and prosperous year.

Chinese New Year Themed Cake

For a sweet option, you can consider cakes. Designed with Chinese New Year themes, it will not only satisfy the taste buds but also add a festive touch to the celebrations. Thus, choose a cake design that incorporates traditional symbols like dragons, lanterns, or the Chinese zodiac animal of the year. Gifting a themed cake reflects your enthusiasm for the festivities!

As a whole, this Chinese New Year, let your gifts speak volumes about your good intentions and heartfelt wishes. Be it a goodies basket, a basket of oranges or a Chinese New Year-themed cake, each gift carries its unique symbolism, contributing to the overall joy and positivity of the occasion. 

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