Chocolates Best Suited with Wine

Chocolates with Wine

We have all heard of the famous wine and cheese pairing but have you thought of pairing your wine with something else? Perhaps chocolates? The combination of wine and chocolates is known to produce chemical compounds that are pretty good for you. However, to experience it, you need to choose the right type of chocolates and not splurge on the most expensive brands. So, let us take a look at the list of these delicious chocolates that will compliment your wine perfectly.

White Chocolate


white chocolate or rosè wine
Since white chocolates are made with cocoa butter, milk and sugar, it is sweet and buttery in taste. So, you should opt for a white or rosè wine that is sweeter than the chocolate to cleanse your palate of its flavours.

Cranberry Chocolate

cranberry chocolates with wine

When pairing chocolates that already have another ingredient, it is best to opt for fruit-forward wines. They complement each other’s flavours to give you an excellent taste.

Dark Chocolate


Dark Chocolate with wine
Dark chocolates have intense bitter flavours due to a quantity of 50 to 100% cacao. Match dark chocolates with full-bodied wines (have more than 13.5% alcohol content).

Milk Chocolate


The sweet and creamy texture of milk chocolates, if eaten alone, can make you feel sick. However, when paired with a wine with light to medium alcohol content, it gives a splendid experience.

Hazelnut Chocolate


Hazelnut Chocolate with wine
With every kind of nut, the best way to go is with fruit-based wines. Sweet wines with subtle hints of the grape or another fruit would suit hazelnut chocolates best.

Ruby Chocolate


Ruby Chocolate with wine
The ruby chocolate is as rare as its name. It produces a mesmerising flavour of fruits but in a smooth manner. To enjoy this chocolate, pair it up with a sweet or rosè sparkling wine.

Now that you are a pro at the types of chocolates best suited with wine, you can host wine tastings and send out marvellous wine gift hampers.

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