Do’s and Don’ts – Christmas 2020 Celebrations During Covid Times

Do's and Don'ts - Christmas 2020 Celebrations

The most wonderful and magical time of the year is right around the corner, but with the novel coronavirus outbreak, Christmas will not be the same as before. So, how will you celebrate Christmas this year without feeling like the Grinch? Well, the answer is quite simple. You will do all the things that you love, as long as they are legally allowed by the government while taking every precaution and safety measure. To elaborate, here is a list of Christmas Do’s and Don’ts:

What you Should Most Certainly Do

Sanitise your Hands

It is an absolute must to sanitise your hands regularly after touching any object, door handle, and such things. It is wise to keep a pocket sanitiser with yourself wherever you go.

Online Shopping

This year, commence your gift shopping by exploring for Christmas gifts online. There are a plethora of sites providing uncountable gifting ideas for friends and family.

Early Bird Shopping & Shipping

Get a head start with this year’s online Christmas shopping as most people will opt to shop via the internet. You must complete your shopping in time because the shipping companies will be swamped with deliveries.

Work Parties on Online Platforms

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, corporate parties, especially for Christmas and New Year’s, have been cancelled. However, that doesn’t mean you all can’t hold a work party via zoom, google meets, or any other online platform.

Host Safe Outdoor parties

If you are planning to invite friends or family members to your house for (hopefully) a small Christmas party, it’s best to do it outdoors. There is a relatively much lower risk of catching the virus in outdoor parties or gatherings due to the constant air circulation.

Mandatory to Wear a Mask

This perhaps goes without saying that it is vital you wear a mask at all times. Make sure you don’t expose your nose and mouth by touching it with unclean/unsanitised hands. Get yourself a mask that covers your face correctly.

Maintain Social distancing 

Whether you are in public or indoors, you must maintain social distancing. Keep a 6 feet distance from the rest of the populace to ensure your safety.

Set Xmas Activities on the Calendar

Since there are curbs and high risks of going celebrating this holiday season like before, it does not mean you can’t have a jolly time. This year, set fun Xmas activities on your calendar to play with your family. You can mark one day for baking cookies, another for an evening Pictionary, and so on.

What you Should Most Certainly Not Do

Stop Touching your Face

Even with a face mask on, the risk of catching the virus is not fully mitigated. You must stop touching your face especially, with unsanitised or properly washed hands. It is essential that you remain safe and not become an agent of the virus.

Avoid Indoor Gatherings

Indoor gatherings are far riskier than outdoor ones because of the lack of air circulation and constant ventilation. You see, as everyone breaths in the same room, the air after a while becomes stale. This stale air is then inhaled continuously and exhaled leading, to a rise in the spread of the infection.

Refrain from Going to Stores for Shopping

The charm of Christmas is indeed in physically going to stores to buy gifts for all your loved ones. However, this year, it is very unsafe to venture into stores as you will not only put yourself at risk but others as well.

Risk at Big Functions

Going to significant functions or parties is not only foolish, but it is like an invitation to catch the virus. You need to stay away from large crowds and ensure your family does the same.

Steer Clear of Clubs and Bars

One of the most contagious places is Clubs and bars because of the proximity at which people are seated. Let’s not forget the fact that indoor pubs are a lot more dangerous to be in due to minimal air ventilation.

Avoid Going to Gardens By The Bay

Every year thousands flee to the Gardens by the Bay to feast at the gourmet festival. However, with Christmas Wonderland streaming online, it’s best advised to avoid visiting Gardens By The Bay. Many people will come to reminisce about the previous Christmases, which will lead to a big crowd.

The covid pandemic has not only affected the holiday season, instead our day to day functioning. This Christmas, everyone should take precautionary steps to ensure that they and their family members remain safe.


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