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Do you remember your favourite school teacher? As the years pass by, one often forgets about the people who educated them with their profound knowledge. Sadly, teachers come within the category of the forgotten. So, this year on September 3, make sure your kids, nieces and nephews don’t make the same mistake as you and celebrate their educators with all their hearts. Let us look at some of the most entertaining Teacher’s Day activities that are suitable for professors and their students.

Add a Photo Booth

Add a Photo Booth
If given the chance, your teachers too can behave like children. Let them unwind and laugh their hearts out while posing in front of a photo booth. Get a range of funky and quirky props for them to get crazy pictures clicked.

Dress Like Teachers

dress like teacher

This is the perfect day for students to walk in their teachers’ shoes. They should come dressed like their professors and perhaps even give a one-odd lecture to the juniors.

Organise Fun Races/Sports

spoon race

Celebrate every teacher in the most fun and exciting manner. Let your educators loosen their hair by making them participate in 100 metre or spoon races. You can also organise some sports events like football, badminton or basketball organised for them.

Arrange a Tea Party

What is the one thing every joyous occasion must-have? Delicious snacks! Arrange an elegant tea party for all the educators in your institution after the afternoon activities. This will give them time to relax, recuperate and chit chat with their colleagues.

Stage Performances

Stage Performances

It is always fun to see your students involve themselves in activities beyond the world of books. Students can organise a skit or a play with various themes to keep their educators entertained.

Give out Hand-Made Cards

Hand-Made Cards

Use this day to express your gratitude to your teachers. Give them personalised hand-made cards as Teacher’s Day gifts made by either the younger students or the older ones. This gesture will certainly make your mentor teary-eyed and feel acknowledged.

Put up a Flea

Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? Put up a flea market with various stalls offering edibles, beverages, clothing and home decor items. The idea is that the proceeds from the flea market would go to an NGO and your teachers would have a great time exploring the little exhibition you put for them.

Play Board Games

Play Board Games

In the spirit of playing and having fun, organise a friendly tournament. Set up a series of board games, carom boards, table tennis and other minor games for the teachers to enjoy all day.

Host a Picnic

Host a Picnic

Do all the above options feel unviable? Fret not because you can always host a picnic on a beautiful morning or evening. Take them to a serene site with lip-smacking refreshments and a few garden games like tug of war to play.

Let us know if you have any other interesting ideas for celebrating Teacher’s Day?

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