How to make DIY Money Pulling Cake?


Are you bored of the same old cream or mousse birthday cakes? Well, we have an idea that will shock everyone. You must have heard of money pulling cakes wherein a person pulls out money from the cake. This act is neither a magical stunt nor an impossible task to achieve. You can make money pulling cakes in Singapore right at your home, which is a brilliant idea as it has a personal touch and is relatively cost-effective. So, take a look at the below-given steps to make DIY money pulling cakes with absolute ease. This birthday cake will undeniably be the best two-in-one present anyone could ever get.

Required items
– A box of maximum measurement 4 1/8” x 2 1/8” x 1 7/8”
– A lid
– A roll clip
– A plastic roll
– Happy Anniversary/Birthday cake topper
– Money notes in denomination of your choice


Let us look at the detailed instructions on making the best DIY money-pulling cake in Singapore. The instructions begin with how to roll, assemble and end at preparing the cake.

How to Roll


  1. Place each crisp/new note in a separate pocket of the plastic roll. Once done, cut off the excess of the sheet.
  2. Now, use a pencil as a guide to help you tightly roll the plastic filled with notes. After rolling three pockets, remove the pencil to continue rolling in the same fashion.
  3. Make sure the roll does not become loose at any point. Again, the gap between the rolls should be nominal.

How to Assemble


  1. Take your roll clip, aka clip and open it by applying some pressure with both thumbs on the sides.
  2. Enter the clip into the cavity of the lid. While the opening of the clip facing the side with arrows.
  3. Now, line up the cavity of the lid with the end of the plastic money roll. Make sure the direction of the roll is in alignment with the lid’s cavity.
  4. Unroll one pocket of the money while keeping the rest intact. Then shut the clip tight.
  5. Roll the open pocket towards the lid to form one big plastic roll.
  6. Now, take the box and place it on top of the lid and money. The money should be touching the base of the box.
  7. Ensure the box is locked correctly.
  8. Now, add the birthday cake topper into the slot provided on the front surface of the box.

Quality check:

– Check all four sides of the box if it is properly shut. There should be no space between the lid and the box.
– Now place the box on a table and try to pull the cake topper. The money should roll out effortlessly.
– If not, check where the steps have faltered and redo it.

How to Prepare Cake


  1. By now, your birthday cake should be completely ready. Place the money box on the cake to mark its measurement and placement.
  2. Cut a hole in the cake to fit the box. Make the hole slightly smaller than the box and put the cut piece of cake aside.
  3. Now, carefully place the box within the hole. If the hole is small, cut the cake more. If the hole is big, fill it up with the cut-out cake.
  4. The final step is to cover the top of the cake with frosting for a smooth surface. Then, add any other decorations of your choice as long as they don’t fall on top of the box.


Those who feel baking a cake is too much of a task can always opt for a reliable birthday cake delivery in Singapore. This way, you save up on time and end up with the most ingenious gift.

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