Importance of Milestone Wedding Anniversaries


Every married couple celebrates their anniversary with great joy and happiness but it is the milestones that make one feel truly blessed. Landmark anniversaries are exceptionally special because they mark the years of togetherness along with all the ups and downs of married life. Such milestone anniversaries also require you to buy a magnificent gift and heart-warming wedding wishes to the couple or your partner. So, without further delay, let us take a lovely stroll down the importance of milestone wedding anniversaries and what they represent to the duo.

1st Anniversary: Paper 
The first wedding anniversary is called a paper anniversary because it symbolises the blank pages which will soon contain stories of the new journey you have embarked upon. Like paper, this anniversary is fragile but if taken care of can last for years.

5th Anniversary: Wood
Your five years of married life can be compared to wood as it stands as a symbol of wisdom, growth and strength. The usual anniversary gift ideas for this year would be classy items made out of wood like a cheese platter or a wood finished photo frame.

10th Anniversary: Tin
The significance of tin for ten years of marriage shows the success of your relationship. Tin is known to be a symbol of preservation as a couple that lasts a decade has a well-sustained marriage.

15th Anniversary: Crystal 
Mark the wonderful fifteen years of marriage with some crystals items as an anniversary gift idea. Crystals represent the clear, sparkly and classic love a couple of shares.

25th Anniversary: Silver 
To reach a quarter to a century is a big deal in itself. The metal silver is known for its elegant radiance and sheer brilliance which is why it represents twenty-five years of ups and downs of marriage.

30th Anniversary: Pearl
Just like pearls, a thirtieth anniversary is not only extraordinary but also a supreme delight. Send joyous wedding wishes to your beloved partner by gifting her a pearl necklace or earrings.

40th Anniversary: Ruby
To be married to a person for forty years says a lot about the couple. That is why it is called the Ruby anniversary because like the stone this forty-year-old union is fuelled by passion and strength.

50th Anniversary: Gold 
What an incredible feat it is to be in matrimony with someone for the last fifty years of your life. This landmark is symbolised by gold because it is a timeless and most treasured metal by men and women. As for anniversary gift ideas, a piece of jewellery in gold should do wonders.

60th Anniversary: Diamond
Diamond is derived from a Greek word called Adams, which means unconquerable. Thus, perfectly describing the essence of a sixty-year-old union. Along with your heartfelt wedding wishes, purchase a diamond ring or watch as a gift.

70th Anniversary: Platinum
To see a couple married to one another for seventy years is a rare phenomenon, which is why it is called the platinum anniversary. Platinum is a highly sought after metal because it is extremely rare, precious and strong. The best anniversary gift idea for seventy years is to buy elegant platinum bands.

We hope you are inspired by the significance of the above-mentioned landmark anniversaries and give your best wedding wishes to the happy duo for many more years of togetherness.

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