Incredible Celebration Ideas for 50th Anniversary

Incredible Celebration Ideas for Every 50th Anniversary

One of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries in a couple’s life is the 50th, also known as the golden anniversary. Fifty years of marriage is no small feat and one must celebrate the longevity of their relationship. A big deal not just for them but also for their friends and family, the celebrations must be done with the whole pomp and show.



A vacation on this special day is one of the best things that you can do. Go on a beautiful trip to a faraway land where it is just you two and no one else. After all that you two have achieved like building a home together, jobs, raising kids, having grandkids, and all the ups and downs, its time for you two to take a back seat now and start enjoying your life and without any responsibilities.

Redo your Vows

Redo your Vows

Whether you are planning it for your parents or the couple is planning it themselves, re-doing your vows is a beautiful tradition which will take you back on the memory lane. Send save-the-dates well in advance, get a beautiful location booked, ask a friend to officiate the vows, get a good caterer and a lovely band to play all your favourite songs. Make sure to add gold in the decor and make it an intimate affair with just your and your close family and friends.

Family Brunch

family brunch

Another beautiful way to celebrate your big day is by organising a family brunch. Plan it out in the open where there is ample space for you to entertain people. Get a chef to make delicious brunch or, you can cook yourself and let your guests help you with it.

Lavish Party

Lavish Party ideas

A big day like a 50th anniversary deserves a lavish party. Go over and beyond planning this happy day for your parents. For starters, make it a themed party like the Great Gatsby, ’70s, retro etc. Get a number cake or a big multi-tier cake, book a limousine to pick them up and make their grand entrance. If possible, get a celebrity of their choice, whether a stand-up comedian, singer or musician to perform.

Personalised Gift

personalised 50th gifts

Whether it is the 1st or the 50th, no anniversary is complete without a gift. Anniversary Gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary must be meaningful, thoughtful and personalised. A piece of jewellery like a ring, bracelet, pendant or a watch for men but personalised will make for a lovely gift.

Photo Album

Wedding album

Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary means having gazillions of memories together. For this milestone, make a photo album with all the photos of beautiful memories consisting of important, not so important, and random days, just showing how far they have come together.

Revisit your Honeymoon Location

Revisit your Honeymoon Location again

If you plan to go on a vacation, don’t just go to ANY place but revisit your honeymoon location. It would be a lovely way to celebrate all these years of togetherness. Visit all the places you visited during your honeymoon 50 years back and recreate some photographs from that honeymoon.

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