Know more about Violets- the February Flower

February is that month of the year when Singapore enjoys the least amount of rain, the lowest humidity, and the most sunshine. The flower of the shortest month of the year is violet. The other name of this flower is Viola and it belongs to the family of Violaceae. Mostly they are found in the Northern Hemisphere in areas like Australasia, the Andes, and Hawaii.

Know some interesting facts about violet below:

  1. In horticulture, the multi-colored large-flowered variety of viola is known as pansy that is grown annually or biennially. The term viola or violet is for the small-flowered annuals or perennial flowers of the same family.
  2. Violets come in a variety of colours like blue, yellow, cream, white, violet, and multi-colours.
  3. They have heart-shaped leaves and asymmetrical flowers that can be easily grown in gardens. The blooming violets ensure spring in the air.
  4. You will be amazed to learn that there are 400-500 species of violets found across the world.
  5. Kindly note that African violets are not a species of violet. They belong to the Gesneriaceae family.
  6. History and research suggest that the violets were in use since 500 B.C. among Greek people.
  7. The Greeks loved this flower so much that it became the symbol of Athens. They started to use violets in food, wine, and medicine.
  8. In ancient Greece, Violets were also considered as a symbol of fertility and love. They used violets in their love potions.
  9. Pliny suggested that a garland of violet can be worn around the temple in case one is having a headache or feeling dizzy.
  10. Mainly violets like to grow in shady and cool areas with moist soil but the blooms are applauded for being hardy. The violet flowers adapt to any environmental conditions.
  11. As per the American Violet Society, Napoleon Bonaparte declared violets as his signature flower. The supporters of Bonaparte used violets to know if the other person was loyal to him or not.
  12. Violet flower petals are coated in sugar to be used on cakes, chocolates, pastries, or any other sweet desserts. These petals have nutritional value too. They carry vitamin C more than vegetables and thus they can cure many health hazards.
  13. There is a magical fact about violet flowers. They smell mesmerizing but after one sniff the smell goes away. That’s because of ionine, a chemical that desensitizes the nose and sense of smell temporarily.
  14. As the fragrance of violet is liked by many, they are copiously used in perfumes, lotions, soaps, and oils.
  15. Did you know that violets are the state flower of Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Illinois, and New Jersey?
  16. If you consume violet herbal tea, the problems of cold, sinusitis, sore throat, and other respiratory diseases would go away.

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