15+ Marvellous Birthday Theme Trends in 2021


Who does not love a good birthday theme? Birthday parties for every age group are always a fun event and with a themed-décor, the party becomes even more entertaining. So whether you are looking for a theme for an 80-year-old or a 16-year-old’s birthday, on this blog you will find an empty number of options to choose from. Take a look at the 15+ marvellous birthday theme trends in 2021 that will leave your guests and yourself in awe.

Mystery Room


Have a birthday party in any of the mystery rooms in Singapore with a scary or theft theme. The more people in the room the merrier the experience.

Outdoor Movie Night


Those who like a peaceful and simple birthday celebration can opt for this option. Organise an outdoor movie night in the evening with a bonfire to keep you warm and snacks to constantly binge on.

Camp it out 


If you cannot go for a trek, plan camping in your backyard or terrace. Set up tents and some fairy lights to give you a wonderland feel with some delicious goodies and coffee to keep you warm.

Disney Mix


Do you want to throw a big birthday party for your child? Nothing is better than a mix of his or her favourite Disney characters. From plates, beverages to décor, everything will have a magical touch.

90’s Rock n Roll 


Are you a millennial? Plan a birthday bash with the 90’s rock n roll in mind. Ask your guests to dress up with the theme in mind to add a lot more zest to the celebration.

Magnificent Mermaid


Whether it is a newborn birthday party or a 5 year old’s, the mermaid theme can never disappoint. All kids are fascinated by mermaids and so this theme should do wonders.

Feast-Up Brunch 


Keep it easy and simple with this brunch idea on a breezy day. Make the celebration exciting by colour coordinate with your pals.

Trampoline Park 


Trampoline parks have no age bar. You can 10 or 25 years old and still have a fantastic time jumping like a kangaroo.

Stars Wars Force


May the force be with you for this superb theme idea. Stars Wars is a theme that can never die out, so get extravagant arrangements set up for a joyous event.

Beach Bash 


Are you unable to go to a beach? Bring the beach to you! Get your guests dressed up in breezy and beachy attires, with margaritas awaiting them.

Karaoke’ It


Bring out the Rihana or Drake within you. Gear up for a night filled with different voices singing and grooving to the tunes of incredible songs.

James Bond Style


For the black and white lovers, this James Bond theme is nothing below a classic. Dress up in the sexiest and most elegant attires for a lavish night with martinis shaken not stirred.

College Pool Party 


Bring down the summer heat by jumping into the pool. If you feel nostalgic for your college days, a pool party should take you right back.


unicorn-theme-partyThe most adorable and charming theme is the unicorn. With bright and jazzy colours all around you, the kids will surely feel like a part of a fairy tale.

Fashion Show


Let out the model within you by wearing some experimental clothes. Let the party be your ramp walk with each guest cat walking their way through.

Vibe Like Coachella 


Do you miss the Coachella vibe? Organise a party with some fun rides, games and pop music to give you all the feels. Make it better by even setting up an innovative photo booth.

Minimalist Tone


While some prefer flamboyant parties, others like to keep it minimal. Get elegant and minimalistic décor around you for a lovely day.

Vintage Lovers


For the old souls, a trip down the memory lane with a vintage collection will be heavenly. Ensure antiquity in everything for a memorable celebration.

These birthday themes are so incredible that they also make a splendid birthday gift idea for your dear ones. Whether you gift this experience or arrange one for your birthday, you will surely have a fabulous time.

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