5 Quirky Gift Ideas for Single Dads


No matter what people say, being a single parent is a lot harder than it looks. Everyone knows that life is never easy but every doting dad will tell you that his life becomes smooth when he is with his child. To define a parent’s love for his or her child is an impossible task but to define what your dad means to you is certainly feasible.

This year, whether it is his birthday or Father’s Day, make him feel loved and appreciated most uniquely and unusually. Take a look at the list of 5 quirky gifts for a single dad that will make him split his sides laughing.

Funky Bottle Opener

Whether your dad drinks alcohol or not, he would surely have a neatly set bar. Add some glamour or funk to his bar accessories by gifting him a hilarious bottle opener. Pick a design that you know would make him jump in excitement.

Offbeat Customised Mug 


Mugs are a great gift choice because they are a daily used item, hence a practical present. Get the mug customised with a comical text roasting your dad’s singlehood. Keep the fun on by ensuring he uses the mug for his everyday tea or coffee.

Funny Printed T-Shirt



A gift cannot be quirky if it does not make your dad burst with laughter upon seeing it. Tease your hard-working and loveable father by buying a hilarious printed t-shirt as a birthday gift for him.

Unusual Beer Coats 


The only unusual thing about this gift idea for dads is that it is extremely adorable yet highly pragmatic. This funky coat will be the reason your dad never bids goodbye to beers in winters. Now isn’t this something worth buying!

Interesting Books on a Dad’s Life


Let the leg-pulling carry on a bit longer by buying a book from a famous author that describes the lives of single dads or a guide on how to be a cool dad. Considering how books are always a thoughtful present, such a book will be quite a blessing.

Single fathers are extremely sweet and considerate, which gives you a great reason to make them roar in laughter with these wonderfully offbeat gifts for dad. Select any of these bizarre yet impressive gifts to tell your father how important and amazing he is to you.

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