Surprise Your Loved Ones with these Thoughtful Hari Raya Haji Gift Sets

hari raya haji gift sets
If we take a quick look at the origins, we will see that Hari Raya Haji is a special festival that marks Ibrahim’s devotion towards God and his willingness to even sacrifice his son, Ismail. It is believed that God intervened as Ibrahim was about to make the sacrifice, and replaced his son with a sheep.  Hari Raya Haji also signifies the day when ‘Hajj’ (the holy pilgrimage) ends. During this pilgrimage, there are quite a few rituals that people have to perform. One of them includes sending exquisite Hari Raya Haji gifts. Some top gift ideas for Hari Raya Haji are as follows:

Fresh Fruit and Flowers Hamper

Fresh fruits and flowers are one of the nicest and most thoughtful Hari Raya Haji gifts. You can never go wrong with a simple basket of delightful flowers and fruits. The beautifully packed fresh flowers and fruits are a healthy and sustainable gift idea for your loved ones.  fruit and flowers hamper

Sweet Treats Hamper

If your loved ones have a sweet tooth, nothing can be better than a hamper of sweet treats for them. From tarts to cookies, there will be options galore in sweet hampers. This will indeed be a decadent way to surprise everyone near and far.  sweet hamper

Snacks Basket

A ready-to-enjoy gift, a snacks basket offers a diverse array of delectable treats, perfectly capturing the spirit of Hari Raya Haji. From traditional cookies, dates, and nuts to savoury snacks and chocolates, the variety of delightful mix of flavours and textures will cater to different palates. snack basket

Abdi Raya Hamper 

The Abdi Raya hamper is another exquisite gift hamper for your dear ones on Hari Raya. The hamper contains traditional dodol melaka, decadence chocolates, and traditional pineapple tart. The hamper also contains delicious dates and raisins cake and a few kiwi slices. Apart from that, your loved ones will also discover golden rose bud tea in the hamper. Truly a crowd-pleasing gift! hari raya hampers Celebrate the pious occasion by gifting any of these Hari Raya Haji gift sets that embody the spirit of sharing and togetherness. They make the perfect gift to convey warm wishes and create moments of delight.

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