Top 10 Popular Zongzi in Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival is upon us, which means it is time to bask in the sun and munch on all the delectable snacks. Amongst all the scrumptious dishes, the most famous and widely consumed is zongzi. It is made with sticky rice and many other ingredients ranging from seafood to vegetables. So, before you begin the preparations, you need to be fully versed with the top 10 popular zongzi in Dragon Boat Festival that satiates everyone’s taste buds.

Fujian Meat Zongzi

The Fujian meat zongzi is made with fried glutinous rice, soy sauce, chestnuts, bamboo leaves, dried mushrooms and pork. A single bite takes you to heaven.

Fujian Meat Zongzi with Salted Egg Yolks

However, this is very much like the Fujian meat zongzi with the addition of salted egg yolks. The yolks give a zing to the already delicious dumplings.

X.O. Meat Zongzi

This extraordinary meat zongzi dumpling is made out of mushrooms, salted eggs, pork, dried oysters, bamboo leaves, chestnuts, dried shrimps and scallops. The dumpling is stuffed with glutinous rice and all these meats, making it quote a famous dish.

Spicy Dried Shrimp and Meat Zongzi

As the name suggests, this dumpling is filled with dried shrimps, glutinous rice and pork. The spices and peppers add a mesmerising flavour.

Guangdong Beans Zongzi

The Guangdong beans zongzi comprises meat like streaky pork along with some salted eggs, peeled cowpeas, chestnuts, mushrooms and of course, glutinous rice. This dish is quite a hit amongst the Singaporeans during the dragon boat festival.

Guangdong Wrapped and Steamed Zongzi

This zongzi is made with lots of meat such as dried oysters, chicken, pork, dried shrimps and duck. They are combined with sticky rice, egg yolks, mushrooms, chestnuts and lard (animal fat).

Hainan Pillow Zongzi

The Hainan pillow is another all meat zongzi dumpling. Apart from sticky rice, it consists of barbequed pork, dried shrimps, dried oysters, bacon, small abalone, egg yolks and mushrooms.

Chaozhou Double Spell Zongzi

This famous dragon food festival, zongzi, does cast a spell on you. There are two types – sweet and salty. The sweet zongzi are made of sweet sticky rice and red bean paste, while the salty one comprises dried shrimps, sausages, lotus seeds, pork, chicken wings, egg yolks, mushrooms and chestnuts.

Nyonya Meat Zongzi

Pandan leaves, melon, butterfly bean flowers paired with glutinous rice, Nyonya spices, and fried chicken or pork make the incredible Nyonya meat zongzi. A single bite can make you feel blissful.

Crystal Zongzi 

Crystal zongzi, also known as alkaline zongzi, is traditionally made with alkaline water and sticky rice. However, the modified version has an addition of red bean puree for a little sweetness.

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