Top 5 Desserts for Chinese New Year Celebration

Desserts for Chinese New Year Celebration
The much-awaited festival Chinese New Year is here and you must be done with your gift shopping by now – right? Once your gift shopping is done, it is time to concentrate on the special dessert menu that you have to prepare for your family and friends. The meals won’t be complete without these dessert items. By the way, do you know that each of these dessert items carries significance? Read below and know about the top 5 desserts that you can prepare to celebrate this festival and also learn their significance.

Nian Gao

Nian Gao It is the most famous Chinese New Year Cake that is a steamed cake. Although many people bake it too. But traditionally it is a steamed cake and it takes a long time to prepare it. It is made from rice flour and is a bit squishy but tempting. The round shape symbolizes the togetherness of a family. Literally, this word “Nian Gao” means “a year higher” and it symbolizes prosperity and promotions year after year.

Fa Gao

Fa Gao cake Fa Gao is the Chinese name and it is a steamed sponge cake. Many people prefer to eat it during breakfast. As it is steamed, it is a healthier cake option. It is prepared from rice wine and tastes awesome. If you store it and it becomes hard, just steam it again and it will revive its softness again. This cake symbolizes good fortune and prosperity.

Laba congee

babaofan Also known as babaofan, this Laba congee is actually an “8 treasure rice pudding” dessert item. 8 is the luckiest number as per Chinese beliefs as that attracts wealth, fortune, and prosperity. As the name suggests, this pudding contains eight treasures or items like lotus seeds, candies fruits, red jujubes, etc. It is one of the interesting Chinese New Year desserts that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Rice Balls

rice balls for cny Tong Yuan is the Chinese name of this famous Chinese New Year dessert item. They are one of the major ingredients of this CNY festival. Tong Yuan is made from rice flour, water, cane sugar, fresh ginger, and red or yellow color (optional). These rice balls are infused with black sesame seeds or mashed peanuts and it signifies unity in the family. It is a significant part of Chinese New Year celebration and is also considered an auspicious sweet treat.

Jian Dui

Jian Dui These are sesame seed balls that are popular dessert items among the Chinese population. They are a sort of fried dessert item made from rice flour that is filled with red bean paste. This rice flour and red bean mix are then given a round shape and rolled over white sesame seeds and fried. The crisp outside and soft inside make people happy. They signify fullness in life.  

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