Unique Personalised Gifts for Milestone Anniversaries

In this modern era, gifting has become part and parcel of occasions. So, when it comes to your or a loved one's milestone anniversary, your present must be nothing short of extraordinary. Keeping the budget restraint in mind, we have come up with a few unique personalised gifts for milestone anniversaries. These gift ideas match the theme of each landmark year while covering the recipient angle. So, let's check them out.

1st Anniversary: Paper

Anniversary Love Letter The first year of your wedding can either make or break the bond. Thus, its name is paper anniversary. Celebrate this day by giving your spouse a love letter, concert tickets or book a second honeymoon. You can also opt for a chic clock for a wall or table with your lovely picture embossed on it.

5th Anniversary: Wood

By now, a couple should develop deep roots so that their love can easily stand the test of time. The ideal personalised anniversary gift is a rustic wooden photo frame or antique treasure box with the couple's initials etched on it. For a fancier present, pair this present with a bunch of stunning flowers.

10th Anniversary: Tin

Tin Home decor A tenth milestone anniversary is indeed a great reason to celebrate with loved ones. Give your best wishes to the happy couple with aluminium or tin-based home decor items such as a tray, bar accessories or a nameplate. For your spouse, you can always opt for a delicate bracelet or rings.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

custom champagne flutes Fifteen years of togetherness is commemorated as a crystal anniversary because it symbolises clarity and transparency. Mark this occasion by giving the ecstatic couple a customised decanter, crystal ball or champagne flutes. For your wife, choose a crystal ring or earrings that she can show off at the next luncheon.

25th Anniversary: Silver

silver cufflinks The theme for the quarter-century of marriage is silver because it's a symbol of strength and preciousness. Mark this joyful day with some silver candlesticks, cufflinks, neckpieces or photo frames. Get these items customised with a loving text or a heart. Couple the personalised anniversary gift with a bouquet of irises for your partner.

30th Anniversary: Pearls

pearl jewelry Thirty years of married life may seem less in theory. But, in reality, it is quite different. Congratulate the couple for standing strong for so many years by giving them ornamental pieces made from mother of pearl. Make your significant other ecstatic by giving her a pearl jewellery set.

40th Anniversary: Rubies

Ruby jewellery set Forty years is undoubtedly a milestone that most young couples are yet to reach. For such an occasion, you must get spectacular personalised anniversary gifts. Ruby jewellery set for the lady, a glass rose in ruby hues, or a luxurious vacation- a few options you should choose from for gifting.

50th Anniversary: Gold

cutlery set It is such an achievement to hit half a century with the love of your life. Gold is invaluable, which is why it is the theme for a fiftieth wedding anniversary. Be it a gold coin, piece of jewellery, cuff links or cutlery set, this is the perfect occasion to believe that all that glitters is gold.

60th Anniversary: Diamond

Diamond earring For an anniversary as rare as the sixtieth, a diamond theme seems rather fitting. It goes without saying that a solitaire or earring and diamond necklace for your wife is an absolute must buy. Furthermore, the coupe can be given a personalised photo frame or sculptures made of platinum. Personalised anniversary gifts are always considered thoughtful, for they display the amount of effort you put in. So make your loved one overjoyed on their special day with any of these lovely gift ideas.

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