Unique Ways to Celebrate Singapore National Day 2020

Singapore National Day Celebration

An emblem of the Lion City’s illustrious past and the baton of a bright and hopeful future, Singapore’s National Day is an annual tradition celebrated on August 9, since 1966. This year as you celebrate the 55th National Day, make sure to make it exceptional with these unique ideas.

Stage for a Street Show

Stage for a Street Show

Artistic and inspiring, a street show is one of the best ways to educate the common public and carry forward the legacy of Singapore. Form a group of creative people and rehearse a small skit that represents the country’s path to independence with heart-touching performances. 

Take a Pledge

Take a Pledge

How about a National Day gift that you can experience every year? Make that possible with an oath. Step forward in public and inspire others as you take a pledge for the good of Singapore. Think of unique things such as prohibiting plastic, going vegetarian, eliminating food waste or even deciding to involve in charity once two months is also a great idea.

Open Up your Hearts 

Open Up your Hearts 

Get on the streets and greet the people in need. Help them with whatever you can and gift them a fond national-day-memory to cherish. Continue your adventure and make way to an old-age home, an orphanage or a pet rescue centre to experience the true joy of helping. After all, the best way to celebrate this occasion is by giving back to the country by serving its neediest.

Lock Your Memories

creating memories

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to the Singapore National Day, this might be your best bet. Invite all your family/friends for a reunion and explore the wonders of Singapore together. Let each member take one photo at a memorable place of his choice and once you reach back home, collect all these pictures to put together a time capsule that you’ll open sometime in the future and share fond memories of this day.

Relish the Festivities

enjoy festivity

Don’t be a faraway spectator. Get up close with the public, and sing, dance and laugh in joy for the independence that you cherish daily. Watch the parade live and feel the pride in you. Witness the fireworks cover the evening sky with a drape of colours. Oh! And don’t forget to eat to your fullest at the local stalls and do shop for some National Day gifts for your loved ones.

So go ahead and mark the festivities of the National Day in these unique ways; bring about a difference, and let the pride of being a Singaporean fill you to the brim.


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