What is the Meaning of Blue Roses?

What is the Meaning of Blue Roses

Is the blue rose just a fantasy? Or can it ever become a reality? These two questions have been asked by so many people, that it seems high time to answer them once and for all. Naturally occurring blue roses will always remain a fantasy, but you can grow them through genetic engineering; however, they will be man-made flowers.

Whether you get the golden opportunity to hold this flower in your hand or not, there are some blue rose symbolisms that you ought to know. Let’s answer another question in detail- what is the meaning of blue roses with the help of the given below pointers to solve the mystery.

Everything is Possible 

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Blue roses are not natural like the red, white, or pink ones. The colour blue is obtained by making some changes. Thus, proving that despite the year-long fixation, we have finally achieved this type of rose. So, one meaning of blue roses you can extract is that everything is possible; you only need to find a way to make it happen.


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Blue is the colour associated with royalty. Like the phrase, ‘blue blood’ means being of royal stature, the blue rose’s symbolism is the same. So, if you have someone in mind, be it your mother or partner with regal style and great splendour, a blue roses bouquet will be an ideal gift. Or perhaps you have to meet a king or queen; your blue roses will flatter them.

Complex Personality 

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The blue tinge in roses is hard to achieve, and even so, it generates a sense of thrill. Getting the right colour is tougher than it seems, yet it mesmerises many within seconds. So, a blue roses bouquet will make an excellent gift choice for someone who has an equally complex personality. Someone who is hard to read and understand yet appeases you with ease.

Here, the meaning of blue roses is to compliment a person’s perplexing personality.

Love at First Sight 

Love at First Sight 

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Yes, a red rose signifies deep love, but a blue rose’s symbolism lies in love at first sight. The kind of love you read about in novels and watch in movies/TV series. Even if you did not face such love, the intensity and depth of your feelings for your crush/partner are so deep that a blue roses bouquet, basket or vase will do justice to your words while you express your feelings.


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When something does not occur naturally, there is an automatic aura of mystery around it. The curiosity of ‘how’ makes people want to solve all the puzzles, theories, and assumptions to make it happen again. Hence, the meaning of blue roses is to generate mystery and thrill about the flower, the person who developed it, and the one holding it.

Extraordinary Beauty 


Every rose, irrespective of its colour, is beautiful beyond words. However, the blue ones represent a beauty for which even words fall short. The sheer elegance and mystical appearance of a person make the rose a perfect gift. Hence, the blue rose’s symbolism is the fascinating charm and magnificence with which the person has stolen your heart.


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In the beginning, we spoke about a different meaning of blue roses- that everything is possible, but here we are talking about the complete opposite. Being a rare flower signifies something, not within one’s reach and that some things should never be explored or touched. The blue pigment does not occur naturally, so growing an organic blue rose is actually impossible.

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