What is the Significance of World Theatre Day?


When was the last time you visited a theatre? Those who love to watch plays will tell you the brilliance, style and influence a theatrical play can have in your life. While some plays make you laugh till your stomach hurts, others make you weep controllably. A theatre can have such a powerful effect on you that it can make you rethink your entire life’s purpose and objectives.

This World Theatre Day, make an effort to understand the significance of this day and learn to appreciate lost art form.


60 years ago, World Theatre day came into being with the main motive to build awareness about its effect on society socially and economically. After 6 decades, theatres are still considered a dying art because they failed to affect the populace’s lives.

This day holds great significance because of the following multiple reasons:

– A celebration for those who have seen the value of this pure and exhilarating art form

– A wake-up call for government organisations and institutions to give the theatre the recognition of a prestigious art form

– To raise importance about theatre arts amongst the public

– To showcase how instrumental theatre is in the field of entertainment and the influence it can have on an individual’s life.

A tour of the History

On 27th March 1961, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) initiated World Theatre Day. This started with the opening of a play called ‘Theatre of Nations’ season in Paris. Ever since this day has been observed as World Theatre Day because it sought to highlight the importance and value it has on people’s day-to-day lives.

This day is observed globally, with theatre lovers, professionals, academics and universities celebrating it with utmost joy and happiness.

Theatre came into existence centuries ago, and with time it grew popular. The public began to like it, the play stories developed, and soon people aspired to become theatre actors. However, in this modern world, the theatre has started to lose its importance.

What are the goals? 

World Theatre Day and International Dance Day have a combined set of goals to inform people of their significance. They are as follows:

– Promote the art form all over the world

– Build awareness about its value

– Enable all dance and theatre communities to gain more support and attention by performing on larger scales

– Thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the art form

How is it celebrated? 

Each theatre, theatrical community and theatre lover commemorates this day in their way. The International Theatre Institute marks this day by globally circulating a heartfelt message from a high stature figure. This person can be anyone who shares his or her views on the theme of Theatre of the particular year. Other national and international level theatres celebrate this day by hosting world-class plays, and the theatre lovers watch them with absolute enthusiasm.

Who is the Message Author?

For the year 2021, International Theatre Institute invited one of the most renowned and respected British actresses- Helen Mirren.

Her career began in a theatre playing the role of Cleopatra, and since then, she never looked back. She, along with her theatrical work, has spanned numerous productions in several theatre houses. Even though theatre gave rise to her career on the big screen, she has always held drama close to her heart.

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