11 Fabulous Father’s Day Activities you need to do for a Better Bond

11 Fabulous Father's Day Activities you need to do for a Better Bond

Fathers are usually the fun and sporty kind but also the first ones with whom kids become distant. While we will not get into the reason for this, we will provide a solution to reduce the gap.

So, if you are someone who has a cold relationship with their child or dad, you need to thaw the tension by following through with these 11 Fabulous Father’s Day activities that will build a stronger and better bond. So, let’s dive into the list of thoughtful things to do for Father’s Day that will make it sweeter than ever. 


cooking with dad

If either of you or both of you are skilled in the cooking department, spending some time together to make a dish you both love would be one of the most ideal Father’s Day celebration ideas.  

Go Feasting

Father's Day feast in Singapore

If both of you are good at burning the kitchen down, something that involves food and no cooking would be more suitable. Find the best place to go on a Father’s Day feast in Singapore to indulge your taste buds and fill your stomachs for a good afternoon nap.

Go to a Theme Park

Theme park

Talk about exciting and adventurous Father’s Day activities, and you get a theme park. You don’t only need young kids to have to get soaked in a water park or to get your stomach twisted on a rollercoaster ride. 



The dads who love to fish at any time of the day will love to have some company and competition. Give your kid how to do fishing 101 lessons to make this one of the thoughtful things to do for Father’s Day and maybe a tradition in the future. 



If your family is the outgoing and sporty kind, you won’t mind getting up early morning for a little trek as part of the Father’s Day activities. Trekking will always bring you closer to your dad or vice-versa as you help each other. 

Play Pool/Snooker

Play Pool with Dad

With older kids, the problem is about connecting with them. The easiest way is to introduce them to a new game like pool or snooker. For this, you will surely get active participation.  

Groove at each other’s music

Groove at each other's music

Music has always brought people closer, so we could not proceed with Father’s Day celebration ideas without adding this activity. Whether your children listen to punk rock or country songs, you have to make it a point to listen to and groove to their music. They ofcourse will do the same! 

Play Board Games

Play Board Games

Most children played board games in their childhood, so 19th June is the perfect time to reminisce about the good old days by bringing out some dusty boxes. It will be one of the most remembered Father’s Day activities as you walk down memory lane and make new ones simultaneously. 

Playing Ball

Playing Ball

When everything fails, you play ball! Yes, just grab a ball, be it a football, basketball, or baseball, and play with your kid. Both of you can teach the other one how to play it and soon become the big shot players of your locality. 

Do a Karaoke 

Do a Karaoke with dad

You listened to their music, now you sing to it! Karaoke is always fun and will make for one of the most enjoyable Father’s Day activities. So, bring out your old set, clear your vocal cords and challenge your kids to beat you at it (even if you are horrible at it). 

Go Shopping

go shopping with dad

Yes, you can check off the Father’s Day celebration ideas list by actually shopping where both of you try out new outfits and buy the best ones. This activity will not bore any of you, as you’re both shopping. 

Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk

Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk

Out of all the Father’s Day activities, the most important one is to speak and communicate with each other. If you have a distant and cold relationship, this is your chance to warm it up and have a heart-to-heart talk on a small topic.  

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