7 Romantic Valentine Date Ideas in Singapore

7 romantic valentines date ideas in singapore

Be it just 6 months into the relationship or 5 years, Valentine’s Day is something special. Your partner will be expecting romantic gestures from your end and that’s why you must be prepared for this day. There are various indoor ideas like candlelit dinner or movie marathon that you can do on Valentine’s Day but remember that the day is grand and thus your date ideas must also be lavish, unique, and different.

Check out some of the unique & romantic Valentine Date ideas in Singapore

Lock your love forever at Clarke Quay Central

Love Lock

There is a place in Clarke Quay Central where couples can hang their love locks. Valentine’s Day is a great day to secure your love forever. After locking with a name tag, polaroid, or just a carving with initials of name on it the key is thrown away to symbolize forever love. This gesture will be appreciated by your partner and it will throw a signal that you are serious about your relationship.

Hiking at MacRitchie Reservoir


If you and your partner love hiking and spending time in the silence of nature then you can go to MacRitchie Reservoir. How better a Valentine Date can be when both of you want the same things in life? This place is just off the Thomson Road that provides a breath-taking view of Tree Top Walk and Jelutong Tower.

Walking around Gardens by the Bay

Walking around Gardens by the Bay

This simple yet touching date idea is for those couples who want nothing fancy but just each other’s company. It is said that you are mature and successful in your romantic relationship when you enjoy silence. Well, just hold his/her hand and walk around Gardens by the Bay. Also, watch the vertical gardens here.

Movie under Stars

movie under stars

You must be watching a movie together once or twice a week depending on your schedule. But you watch them in a packed theatre or at home on your TV. How about watching a romantic movie under the sky, moon, and stars? It is a thrilling and romantic idea. So, check-in with “Films at the Fort” or “Movies at Sentosa” and enjoy the date. You will also get great deals on food and drinks.

Art Session at Noteway Art Studio

Art Session

This is a cute Valentine Date idea. The studio offers an art jamming session where you can choose to paint your designs on t-shirts and totes. It is absolutely ok not to know the grammar of painting. Just let your imagination flow and who knows you may come up with a great design to cherish forever. After many years when you will find this t-shirt or tote in your wardrobe, there will be a smile on your face. Also, remember that the paint used is durable and they will blow-dry and heat press the t-shirts or totes.

Adventure at Coney Island

Adventure at Coney Island

A tandem bike ride, cycling through the trees, or simply soaking the sea breeze – there are plenty of romantic things that you can do at Coney Island. You can then enjoy a scrumptious meal also while watching the sunset.

Glamping to Remember

glamping date in Singapore

For the uninitiated, glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. In fact, once there your partner may ask for more such glamping dates. It is a fun, romantic, and unique way to celebrate your love story. In glamping, the roughness and toughness of camping are reduced and that’s where it becomes dearer to people. The glamping packages include fairy lights, flower petals, air beds, for a good night’s sleep. Also, snacks and cold drinks are available in the outdoor dining area.

These are amazing Valentine date ideas that will be remembered forever. So, cut yourself from work and stress and dedicate this special day to the love of your life.


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