8 Cool Plants to Gift a Loved One

Cool Plants to Gift

More than just flowers and leaves, plants are a token of nature’s bare charm. With an ability to make blues fade away instantly, they are also one of the most sought after gifting options. Apart from the various mental and physical health benefits, plants also help our planet heal a fraction at a time. 

So the next time you wish to gift someone a beautiful indoor plant, here are your eight best options.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky Bamboo Plant

An emblem of good health and prosperity, gifting a lucky bamboo will speak volumes of your care and love. Easy to take care of, this is simply one of your best bets.

Mint Plant

mint plant

With a refreshing aroma and exquisite versatility, mint plants are much more than their sweet aroma and refreshing aura. It is the perfect gifting choice to someone who loves cooking.


Orchid Plant

Though they require a little extra love and care, orchids make up for that with a colourful sub-tropical feel. Making space refreshingly vibrant, orchids are elemental to home décor. 

Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants

By far the safest choice, succulent plants are ideal as they’re easy to take care of and come with loads of health benefits. Gift your loved one a set of succulents if you can’t pin on one.



Just one look at a pot of ferns and you’ll know why you should gift this to someone. A whole pot of greenery, ferns can pull up the oomph factor of any room. They are quite animal-friendly as well.


Lavender Basket

Making the whole space go fresh with its soothing aroma and striking beauty, lavender is a plant that will work great for the mental health of the loved ones you are planning to gift it to.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Plant

If you wish to gift a plant as a romantic gesture, the peace lily is the best option. Known to remove toxins from the air, peace lily plant is a beautiful addition to personal space with its dark green leaves and white flowers. 

Money Plant

money plant

A magnet for good luck, wealth and health, you can never go wrong with a money plant as a gift. A perfect indoor ornament, money plants are perennial and may grow as either a trailer or a climber.

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