A Beginner Guide to Cleaning Artificial Flowers

Guide to Cleaning Artificial Flowers
If you think you have fulfilled your Forever Flora Fantasia by adding artificial flowers to your space and feel your job is done, you cannot be more wrong. You have to maintain that arti-fleur elegance by tidying up your artificial flowers from time to time. This artificial flower cleaning guide will run you through how to clean fake floral arrangements so that they stay as good as the day you purchased them-

Use a Damp Cloth 

If you have latex or real touch flowers such as artificial orchids or rose stems, it is better & easier to use a clean, damp cloth. Simply dust them off, wipe each flower carefully, reaching into all the small details, and let them air dry. Avoid this method for silk or fabric flowers to prevent colour running.

Use a Cleaning Spray

Opt for artificial flower cleaning sprays that are easily available in the market. The spray is proven to be ideal for dusty bouquets or outdoor arrangements. Remember to test the spray on a hidden leaf first to check it doesn’t spoil your artificial flowers. Spray generously, ensuring colours don't run, and let the flowers air dry. It is recommended to perform this activity outdoors or protect your surface with newspaper or a towel if doing it indoors.

Give Them a Good Bath

You can also choose to give your flowers a gentle bath. Fill up a sink/basin with lukewarm water and add in a mild soap/cleaning solution. Next, let your artificial blooms soak for 10-15 minutes before rinsing them off with clean water. Pat them dry gently with a soft towel!

Hair Dryer or Compressed Air

Among the most effective options to clean artificial flowers include using a hair dryer or compressed air. This method is perfect for intricate flowers as well as artificial bouquets with hard-to-reach corners. Take the artificial flower arrangements outside or sit by an open window, then use a cool setting on your hair dryer or compressed air to blow away dust until they're clean.

How Often Should You Clean the Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers and plants collect dust like any other surface. Hence, it’s advisable to dust your fake flowers at least once a week. With time, dust and dirt can crush the strength of your artificial flowers as well. Hence, it only makes sense that you put these useful tips on how to clean artificial flowers to use immediately and effectively.

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