Anniversary Gift Ideas that Instantly Improve the 5 Love Languages

Anniversary Gift Ideas that Instantly Improve the 5 Love Languages
Do you feel like your partner does not love you? Or perhaps you feel like your acts of love are not getting recognised. If so, it just means you and your partner are speaking different love languages. Confused?  There are 5 love languages (as explained below) that were developed by PhD. Gary Chapman, wherein he talks about communicating, displaying, and expressing love. So, if you want to know more about how to improve your relationship and perhaps show the 'right love' to your beau on your special day with anniversary gift ideas (making it extra special), continue reading. We have curated a list of anniversary gift ideas that instantly improve the 5 love languages for an unforgettable celebration and the future years.  PS- it does not matter how many years you've been in a relationship, as there is always scope to improve and get better. So, what better day to start than your anniversary day? (wink)

Words of Affirmation

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What it means: It is about expressing yourself through words; whether oral or written. These words are usually of affection, compliments, praise, encouragement, and love. So, a simple 'I love you' or 'have a good day baby' are the easiest ways to implement the first of the 5 love languages. 

How to implement it on your Anniversary?

The best way to implement the words of affirmation love language is by actually giving out those words. If you are not very good at expressing yourself, you can try making an anniversary card that makes your partner feel loved. You can also jot down a few things you love about your beau, like her smile or his caring attitude, on sticky notes and paste them on the mirror or the refrigerator to make their morning bright. 

Quality Time

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What it means: As the name suggests, it is about spending time and giving your undivided attention to your partner. That means no phone, Television or any other distraction. Having this amongst the 5 love languages can really take your relationship on a different level, one of satisfaction and contentment. 

How to implement it on your Anniversary?

Practicing quality time is not about leaving your phone one evening and sitting with your partner, but rather about doing something together and making memories along the way.  So, to achieve that, you can look for anniversary gift ideas such as plants, pottery lessons, or a vacation. This way, you can actually be together while learning how to do gardening, cooking, or any other activity you both enjoy. The main goal is to spend time and reconnect with your beloved.  

Acts of Service

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What it means: Yes, it is just what you are thinking. Acts of service are one of the most important of the 5 love languages because it is about doing selfless things for your significant other. These acts can be as easy as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or cooking a surprise breakfast.

How to implement it on your Anniversary?

If you're looking for anniversary gift ideas to display this love language, remember; that actions speak louder than words. So, surprising your wife or girlfriend with a beautiful arrangement of anniversary flowers is the way to go. However, you can not stop there. Pair your roses and tulips anniversary gifts for her with other actions like cooking her favourite meal, pampering her, or getting all the chores done for her. The same should be applied to your husband or boyfriend.  

Physical Touch

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="621"]woman holding man hand source: Unsplash[/caption] What it means: Most people associate physical touch with intimacy in the bedroom. While this is true and helpful, there are other touches in the love language, far more powerful. These can be cuddling, hugging, giving a massage, caressing one's arm, or kissing on the forehead. These acts display genuine love and care, thus making the receiver feel good every time. 

How to implement it on your Anniversary?

Now, this is something that should come from within you to do a little PDA or let your partner know they look great. However, some tactics to help you implement this one amongst the 5 love languages is gifting chocolates. Everyone loves them, and with the happy hormones, your partner might just make the first move. You can also cut a delectable anniversary cake, so when you feed it to your partner, one thing can lead to another. If you want other anniversary gifts for him or her; perfumes make an excellent choice. 

Receiving Gifts 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="621"]person holding present box source: Unsplash[/caption] What it means: It may seem superficial to have this as part of the 5 love languages, but the thought behind this is not expensive gifts. Anyone can give a costly and fancy present. It is the thought, usefulness, and effort the gift-giver made that count. So, when someone displays this love language, the receiver knows that the gesture will touch their heart deeply. 

How to implement it on your Anniversary?

This annual event already has you searching for impressive anniversary gift ideas, but instead of opting for something extravagant and meaningless, you can take the other route. Give your significant other a gift that means something and has a sentimental value. So, the first edition of their favourite book, a gourmet hamper for late-night movie sessions, or a massage gun for those tender muscles are anniversary gift ideas that will sparkle your beau's eyes.  With an end to the list of anniversary gift ideas that speak and improve the 5 love languages, which ones will you display and with what present?

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