Best flowers for Grand Opening Ceremony

Opening Flower Stands

A grand opening ceremony is a type of social event that marks the opening of a new store, new franchise, or even opening of a newly-constructed location. When a friend or a loved one opens a new business, you can congratulate them with grand opening flowers to celebrate their new venture. Flowers are considered the perfect gift to commemorate any occasion and wish good luck to people for the future. At the same time, they also offer emotional support to the person who has started a new business or endeavour.

We have created a list of flowers along with their meanings that are ideal to gift on the grand opening ceremony.


lilies flower stand

Lilies have a very pleasant fragrance, which makes them one of the most popular flowers among people. The symbol of blessings, humility, devotion, wealth, and prosperity, lilies are the right flowers to send well wishes to the new business owner for a successful run in the future. A grand ceremony opening flower stand with Perfume lilies or Tiger lilies would make a great decoration element in a new office or store.


Roses flower stand

Yellow flowers are known to symbolize new beginnings and joyful celebrations. Similarly, the attractive pink flowers are considered best to convey the congratulatory message on happy moments. The pink and yellow roses are suitable to put in grand opening flower stand that you would send to a friend or loved one on the inauguration of their new store or new business. These warm and attractive flowers would bring out a warm atmosphere and spread cheer around.


Orchids Flower Stand

Orchids are the elegant blooms that represent love, luxury, beauty, and strength. The phalaenopsis orchid comes in bright pink colour that looks stunning and signifies successful endeavours and friendship. Similarly, oncidium orchid symbolizes a trouble-free and joyful endeavour. You can offer a basket, bouquet or flower stand of orchids in grand opening ceremonies to make a great impact and wish your loved ones success in their new endeavour.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies Flower Stand

Gerbera daisies come in a vibrant rainbow of colours that represent passion, happiness forever, and positivity. Due to the warmth and positivity that these blooms ooze make them perfect pick for a grand opening ceremony flower stand or bouquet. These long-lasting flowers will stand up straight for a long time and keep adding positivity to the atmosphere.


Hydrangea Flower Stand

Hydrangea is the most commonly used decorative flower in floral gift boxes and arrangements. Hydrangea symbolizes hope, love, happiness, loyalty, and reunion. These qualities make hydrangea suitable to congratulate or send good complements to your dear ones at the starting of a new store or business. These gorgeous blooms will fill their personal space with positive and calming vibes and encourage them to put their hundred percent effort in their new initiative.

These bright and beautiful flowers will grab the receiver’s attention at first glance and fill them with positivity and confidence.

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