Best Online Cooking Classes in Singapore

online cooking classes to join for Singapore food festival

The year 2020 saw the first virtual Singapore Food festival in twenty-seven years. Since Covid-19 is determined to be a part of our lives for a longer time, we have decided to bring the festival to you again. However, this time it comes with a twist. Whether the Singapore government abolishes the lockdown regulations or not, this list of the best online cooking classes in Singapore will certainly uplift your spirits.

Brettschneider‘s Baking and Cooking School

Brettschneider‘s Baking and Cooking classes

Credit: Brettschneider‘s Baking and Cooking School

This baking school is owned by none other than Dean Brettschneider himself. He is a worldwide famous baker who has won awards for writing twelve cookbooks. The best part is that the Dean teaches the students the finest ways and methods of baking pastries, bread, tarts, cakes and much more.

Ti Yan Academy

Ti Yan Academy

Credit: Ti Yan Academy

Have you ever wondered how macarons are made? Here is your chance to learn the French way of cooking all the delicious French dishes. The Ti Yan academy offers courses that help students of all age groups master their work. They are taught by a group of skilled professionals who give them ticks of the trade to make their work simpler and better.

ABC Online Cooking Studio

ABC Online Cooking Studio

Credit: ABC Online Cooking Studio

The ABC studio brings a culmination of fun and classroom experiences to your home. They provide basic to master level classes, mainly on Japanese styled foods. They put all the learners in small batches so that the experts can give their undivided attention to the learners.

Wok ‘n’ Stroll Virtual Cooking

Wok 'n' Stroll Virtual Cooking

Credit: Wok ‘n’ Stroll Virtual Cooking

Enrol on the Wok ‘n’ Stroll virtual class to get hands-on experience in a broad array of cuisines. They are a passionate institute that teaches students to cook multiple Asian cuisines like Indian biryani, Singaporean noodles and Malaysian nasi lemak.

Palate Sensations Culinary School

Palate Sensations Culinary School online classes

Credit: Palate Sensations Culinary School

The Palate sensational culinary school is a renowned institute in Singapore that provides cooking and baking classes. Their enrollment process includes children and adults with different abilities for multiple levels. The teaching techniques are focused on a hands-on approach and in-depth experience.

Whisk Management

Whisk Management classes

Credit : Whisk Management

The whisk management strives to educate as many people as possible to cook sweet and simple recipes. The courses are flexible based on the availability of the equipment in the student’s kitchen. The ingredients for the recipe of your choice is sent one week prior to the commencement of the session.

Commune Kitchen Singapore

Commune Kitchen Singapore

Credit: Commune Kitchen Singapore

This is a dream school that provides lessons on a wide range of cuisines like Chinese, Middle-Eastern and Southeast Asian. As a bonus, they offer vegetarian and gluten-free classes. The Commune kitchen Singapore enrols students of any age under a highly reasonable fee.

The Cooking Club

the cooking club

Credit: The cooking club

The cooking club aims to bring out the hidden culinary talents in kids. Their highly interactive zoom classes teach how to cook simple recipes using only basic kitchen equipment that enhances their skills. So, leave your kid in charge of the meals on the weekend as they take you a culinary experience.

Give your culinary skills a try and who knows, you may even become the master chef of your house.

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