Best Plants for Your Work Desk

Best Plants for Your Work Desk

Many of us spend the entire week sitting in boring cubicles, stuck to a stressful work routine, even if we love what we do. Arriving early morning and leaving after the dusk fall can cause a sense of deprivation, sometimes even leading to a lack of productivity. 

Plants are a great way to create a more peaceful and beautiful working environment while adding a pop of colour and warmth. But always remember to opt for easy-to-care plants for your work desk. It is only natural not to want to stress about their care alongside an already heavy workload. 

Here we are with a thoughtfully curated list of indoor plants that can be your ideal work companion. 

Yellow Kalanchoe


These succulent flowers with deep green leaves and a burst of yellow is a favourite choice for decorating workspaces. Keep at a sunny window and relish the bright and beautiful appearance of these blooms. They are also available in white and pink colour, making it a perfect choice for adorning every corner. Also, do not forget to water the plant regularly.



Another amazing indoor plant suitable for office environments is Gasterhaworthia. These beauties do not require much care, and to your relief, they can go for weeks without water, if required. Available in different variations and amazing containers and pots, these will look absolutely stunning sitting on your desk, shelf, or side table.



They are hands down the best indoor plants for many good reasons. Not only are they extremely elegant and beautiful to look at, but they also provide many psychological benefits. However, taking care of a bonsai plant can be a bit difficult, but it is definitely a great way to start a new hobby–a stress reliever. Isn’t this a win-win situation? 



When you can’t decide a suitable desktop plant, trust cactus. They are not only high in aesthetics but also help in purifying the air around your desk. As we know that these are found in harsh deserts, they can thrive without water–an ideal choice for busy office hours. If you have a window desk, cacti can be a great choice. As an added tip, make sure to keep it at a safe place so that no one gets hurt.



Want to add some colour to your workspace? Potted orchids can be an excellent choice. Available in an array of attractive colours, these orchids are easy to care for and thrive longer than other varieties. Though they are fairly tall, they do not require much horizontal space.

Plants are a great addition to your work desks. And the best part is, you do not need a degree in horticulture to care for these blooms. You can find an impressive selection of these plants and much more at Ferns N Petals.

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