Best Way to Decode your Dad’s Personality


For every man, fatherhood is an exciting yet comical journey. It is filled with a ton of surprises that are both beautiful and weird. As you grow older, your dad ages but not just in years, in his behaviour as well. Every dad has quirks and eccentricities that make him unique and special. On that note, we have prepared a list of the best way to decode your dad’s personality so that you can figure out under what category he fits.

Poor Jokes

He might not have a closet filled with clothes, but he will have one filled with jokes. This dad cannot get enough with his poor jokes, which he, of course, believes are hilarious. The shocking part is, when you have friends or relatives around, his sense of humour shoots through the roof.


He is an absolutely fun dad because he is always game for some activity or pranks. He is your buddy when it comes to lightly ridiculing your siblings or mom. For Father’s Day gifts, you can get him a book on pranks.


Fathers who are always hovering around their kids are called helicopter dads. No matter where or what their child is doing, they will have all the information, thanks to their exceptional tracking skills.


The easiest way to spot a workaholic dad is to see how closely he’s attached to his phone. He will either have the phone in his hand as he frantically types a message or pressed against his ear while he yells at someone.

Know it all

The ‘know it all’ dad- Probably the ‘sincere’ students in school. It can get annoying as to how he knows practically everything. He is like the walking encyclopedia who won’t stop imparting knowledge to you. As birthday or Father’s Day gifts, you should perhaps buy a set of general knowledge books for him.


You can’t help but love this type of dad. Like every other father, he loves his children beyond words but is so absentminded and forgetful that he usually misses out on most things. Half of the time, his mind is hopping from one problem to another, making him a poor listener.

Super Proud

Ever since you were a toddler, he has been super proud of you. So when you came 7th in the school race or secured average grades in school, he still looked at you with pride. He is also constantly telling stories about you and your wonderful life to his friends and relatives.


He is the ultimate cool dad because he allows you for most of the activities. He makes you rock on his type of hip music, seeks your help in the garage, accompanies you for clothes shopping and even gives you dating tips.


This type of dad is someone you should avoid saying, ‘I love you to. He gets teary-eyed at the drop of a hat, whether it’s a video of a puppy or a heartfelt Happy Father’s Day wish. Nevertheless, his sentimentality makes you love him even more.


He has not taken any course or training on how to repair broken cabinets and cracked walls. However, he is a master who knows his way around all the tools and fixes them to their bright and shiny self.


You have often wondered why your father is not yet a speaker on Ted Talk. He is your cost-free life coach who is ever ready to enlighten and educate you. Whenever you sit with him, it takes him no time to begin imparting lessons on living happily, saving money, and working harder.


All dads are heroes! This one is probably superman or batman because he comes to you in your time of aid without giving it a second thought. He will support you during minor inconveniences of life and treat you like a little princess or prince.

No matter what type your dad comes under, he is the one person you can always rely on. This year, send heartwarming Happy Father’s Day wishes and gifts based on this personality trait.

Let us know in the comments section below if your dad falls under a different category.

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