Budget Friendly Festive Gifting for Small Businesses

Budget Friendly Festive Gifting for Small Businesses
The whole year is a festive season! Thus, in such a case, the companies need to stay ever-ready with the perfect gifts, ensuring they're well-prepared to make the occasions super-special for their valued clients and employees. Furthermore, spreading holiday cheer doesn’t need to break the bank. On that note, this blog sheds light on some budget-friendly corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression.

Personalised Desk Accessories

Deck their workspace and inspire productivity with personalised desk accessories such as custom notepads, mousepads and pen holders. Such kinds of gifts are highly practical and adding a touch of personalisation shows your appreciation & attention to detail.

Succulents and Desk Plants

Looking for a budget-friendly gift that is a symbolic gesture to appreciate your team or clients? Consider succulents and desk plants in a designer pot that are elegant and won’t strain your budget. When deciding upon desk plants, go for a money plant or snake plant that is known for their prosperity-bringing as well as air-purifying qualities.

Customised Calendars

Practical and personalized, custom calendars are a timeless gift. Add a dash of creativity by incorporating your brand elements, a few inside jokes or showcasing team achievements throughout the year.

Gourmet Treats and Snack Baskets

The perfect gift for a small business is never complete without gourmet treats and snack baskets. Go for the baskets comprising assorted nuts, artisanal chocolates, green teas, healthy granola bars, pretzels, chips and much more. The gift is highly appealing and enjoyed by people of all age groups.


Inspire productivity and positivity with the budget-friendly gift of motivational journals. Include uplifting quotes or get them customised with your company's beliefs to create a meaningful gift that doesn’t let you cut corners. You can also make a sustainable choice by giving out eco-friendly or plantable journals. 

Coffee Mugs/Cups

A forever budget-friendly present for corporate gifting! No one can ever get enough of coffee mugs. For coffee enthusiasts, these mugs evoke emotions and are versatile enough to contain various beverages. So, don’t forget to count it when figuring out budget-friendly corporate gifts. 

Photo Frames

Assist your teammates/clients in bringing cherished moments into their workspace by gifting them an elegant photo frame. This reasonably-priced gift for small businesses will act as a source of inspiration, providing a touch of warmth that can bring a smile even on the most demanding days.

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