Decoding Year of the Tiger for Chinese New Year 2022

Year of the Tiger for Chinese New Year 2022

Have you ever wondered why the Tiger is the third animal of the year? Well, it is so because the rat took the first position for its cunningness, and the Ox came second for its diligence. So, the swift and vigorous Tiger settled for the third position.

Like the real tiger animal, folks belonging to this year possess similar traits. With rising ambitions, unmatched courage, extremely generous and fearlessly daring, they are a mix of all the good and bad traits for a tiger.

So, with the Chinese New Year 2022 excitement and preparations steaming at full speed, we should perhaps give you a crisp download about this Tiger year.

Years of the Tiger

The zodiac representation of the Tiger year is based on a 12-year cycle that depends on the Chinese Lunar calendar. The years of the Tiger, along with their elements, commencement and end dates are given in the chart below:

Tiger Year Start End Element 
1926 Feb 13, 1926 Feb 1, 1927 Fire
1938 Jan 31, 1938 Feb 18, 1939 Earth
1950 Feb 17, 1950 Feb 5, 1951 Metal
1962 Feb 5, 1962 Jan 24, 1963 Water
1974 Jan 23, 1974 Feb 10, 1975 Wood
1986 Feb 9, 1986 Jan 28, 1987 Fire
1998 Jan 28, 1998 Feb 15, 1999 Earth

Feb 14, 2010

Feb 2, 2011 Metal
2022 Feb 1, 2022 Jan 20, 2023 Water
2034 Jan 19, 2034 Feb 7, 2035 Wood

What’s Lucky & Unlucky for Tigers?

Every year there are certain things like colours and activities deemed lucky and unlucky. Let’s find out what’s in store for all the Tigers.

• Numbers- 4 & 9
• Colour- white
• Numbers- 1, 3, & 7
• Colours- blue & green
• Direction- North
• Flower- Plum Blossom

The 5 Elements of Tigers

The essence of every Chinese Zodiac is based on five elements- Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth. Each year along with the animal, one of these elements are assigned that help govern life.


Recent years- 1962, 2022

While a Water Tiger may appear to be a little rude on the outside, they are really the opposite on the inside. With good interpersonal skills and a desire for peaceful family life, their cravings for power and success never take a backseat.


Recent years- 1974, 2034
Motivation, willingness and eagerness to learn new things are the main distinguishing characteristics of Wood Tigers. They have a good memory and great financial luck every now and then that keeps them steady.


Recent years- 1926, 1986
As the name suggests, this element of Tigers has a burning fire within them. Their strong willpower and talent will take them far to where they desire.


Recent years- 1950, 2010
As a Metal Tiger, people under this category indeed have a heart of gold. They are kind, loyal, sympathetic and very generous. Although these traits also make them gullible, which can be a negative point for them.


Recent years- 1938, 1998
Like the Metal Tiger, they too are generous and giving in nature. The Earth Tigers rarely ever refuse to help anyone and have a sharp mind to become successful entrepreneurs.

Decoding the Tiger Personality

Those born in the years of the Tiger, irrespective of the element are fierce and independent people. They possess high self-esteem with optimism and enthusiasm as the main drivers. Besides being loyal, helpful and caring people, they have a thirst for ambition. Like the animal tiger, their desire to have a kingdom to rule will always stay dominant.

Let’s have a look at the many strengths of the Tigers that make them roar so loud, especially for the CNY 2022.
• Courageous
• Highly Ambitious
• Hardworking
• Honest
• Bold
• Very Helpful

Every coin has two sides, so it is time to see the other side of the brave Tigers for CNY 2022.
• Rebellious
• Non-sociable
• Brash
• Dominating
• Insensitive at times

How will the Year 2022 be for the Tigers?

Well, according to the myth, this is the year when the Tigers offend the powerful yearly god. It is said that the Tigers can possibly suffer setbacks, problems and a severe disaster.
It does sound like the Tigers are in for a bad year, but it can be avoided if you move along the flow of fortune and destiny. By being careful of the steps you take, you will be able to overturn this bad luck in your favour.

Love– This year your love life will neither be horrible nor very fruitful.

Career– It is time to be careful of what you do in your office. There is a possibility of backstabbing from your co-workers or an uproar from your inferiors.

Wealth– The money department will thankfully do well. You may incur losses but nothing ground-breaking or unrecoverable.

Education– The children of this animal year will find it hard to concentrate and be effortless at their studies.

Health– The most worrisome factor for Tigers is their health. You may face multiple colds and coughs that must be treated properly.

Now that you have all the information about Chinese New Year 2022, the year of the Tiger, it is time to pull up your socks and get a move on to achieve your dreams and stay clear of harm.

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