Here are 7 Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants

Here's 7 Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants

Are you a serial plant killer? Or perhaps someone with a green thumb? Either way, there is always scope to learn something that will help you grow an Eden in your home. With today’s topic- how to care for Jade plants, we will talk about seven tips that will give you an edge on growing the healthiest and green Jade. 

It’s time to make your friends and neighbours jealous with a plant (and skills) that will beautify your home beyond your imagination. So, take a look at these tips on how to care for Jade plants in your home, office, and everywhere else. 

More the Sunlight, the Better 

Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants- More the Sunlight, the Better

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The first tip is to give your plant as much sunlight as you can without letting it burn in the heat. A young Jade plant requires a minimum of six hours every day for good and wholesome growth. 

On the other hand, a fully-grown plant can take on more sunlight. Either way, the Jade plant care guide requires you to keep it mostly in indirect sunlight that is available in plenty of west-facing windows. 

Say No to Overwatering 

Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants- Say No to Overwatering

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No no no! Just like you never over-drink water, you can not expect a plant to be comfortable with excess water. The trick of how to care for Jade plants is in knowing when to water them. You can not maintain a schedule, as it will lead to a shortage or surplus of water. Also, you can not water it every day because you feel like it. 

The key to proper Jade plant care is watering it only when the top soil is dry. So, you have to touch the soil and go a little deep to see if the inside is dry or moist. If dry, water immediately; if later, let the plant be as it is. 

Accurate Time to Repot 

Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants- Accurate Time to Repot

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You know when you have outgrown your old clothes, but your Jade plant can not tell you. So, it gives you signs, like overflowing from the pot and visibility of roots. Even if your plant does not express itself in these ways, it does not mean it’s not suffocating. 

Tip 3 on how to care for Jade plants is repotting them at the right time. While small pots keep your buddy intact and manageable, at some point in time will need more space. Thus, repotting the young ones every two years and the older ones every four years will keep them green and happy. 

Create a Comfortable Temperature 

Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants- Create a Comfortable Temperature

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A very important tip on how to care for Jade plants is to create a good and comfortable temperature. The Jade is native to South Africa, meaning it can handle a dry and hot environment during the day and a cooler one at night. 

So, wherever you place your green pet, it should suffice these two conditions. Also, Singapore temperatures are pretty warm, so your Jade plant will do perfectly fine. 

Feed the Right Nutrients 

Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants- Feed the Right Nutrients

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Next up on the Jade plant care list is feeding it the right nutrients, that is fertilisers. Since it is a succulent, its diet should be based on what one would give to a cactus. Also, remember that this buddy does not require a lot of fertiliser, so a diluted mix should be pretty well. 

Give a Good Trim 

Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants- Give a Good Trim

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Everyone likes a good haircut, and so does your little green friend. To maintain the plant and not let it overgrow, you will have to give it regular trims. Many a time, some leaves dry out, so it is necessary to chop them off, so the good leaves get more attention from the plant.  And you’ve nearly completed your how to care for Jade plants guide. 

Offer Lots of Love

Tips on How to Care for Jade Plants- offer lots of love

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Lastly, the final tip on how to care for Jade plants is an obvious one- giving them love. There are scientific reports that say, when people conversed politely and lovingly with their plant, it grew healthier and faster than those who didn’t. 

So, it seems you have a friend in that little fleshy green plant! (wink)

Well, that’s the end of our mini Jade plant care guide that ensures your pal does not die on you (once again).

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