How To Choose Flower Stands For Grand Opening Ceremony

Sending flower stands on grand openings is a popular trend in Singapore. It is gifted to someone who is starting a new business, congratulating them and wishing them good luck on the new beginning of their life.

It is very important to choose the right flowers for the grand opening, as flowers are majorly dependent on the occasion. So, to send the right message, it is very important to choose the right kind of flowers. Make sure you choose beautiful flowers which will look good on the entrance, the flowers which are blooming and will create an enchanting effect.

Here are some tips you should consider while choosing flowers for a Grand Opening Ceremony

Set A Budget

There are various options available in the market and it is very important to set a budget. It would not only help you avoid overspending but will help you narrow down options easily. Flower Stands for grand openings are easily available online, and that too in all budget brackets.

Choose Flowers Carefully

Select the flowers carefully. Consider the seasonal availability of the flowers, and as it might change the entire look of the arrangement.

Choose A Floral Theme

Choose a specific theme which suits the occasion. Narrow down among the available designs, and choose the number of tiers you want. Sorting all these things will help you choose the perfect flower arrangement which signifies success, and positivity.

Consider Personal Relationship with The Business Owner

If you know the new business owner closely, it will be easier to choose flowers for the flower stand. You can consider flowers or the colours they like, and in case if you do not know them quite well, choose a few elegant flowers which are loved by all.

Business Relationships

If it is one of your clients or business partner opening up a new store, it is very important to give an outrageous and elegant flower stand. It is a great chance to make new business ties, and flowers are definitely the way to do so.

Perfect Flower Colours for Grand Opening Ceremonies

Apart from choosing the right theme and type of flower stand, it is very important to choose the right colour of the flowers as it helps you to express the right kind of emotions.

Yellow For Happy Vibes & Positivity

The colour yellow is an expression of joyful celebrations, happiness, and warm greetings. These flowers are best for occasions like business inaugurations and other grand openings. The best yellow flowers include Marigold, Roses, Sunflowers, Calla Lily, Tulips, Gerbera Daisy, & Daffodil.

All Shades Of Pink For Happiness

All shades of pink are beautiful and perfect to be gifted on grand openings. They are the perfect expressions of cheerful & happy moments, memorable celebrations and gratitude. The perfect pink flowers include Gerberas, Roses, Stargazers, Orchids, and Anthuriums.

Orange Blossoms

Bright orange flowers perfectly express sincerity on the most awaited grand opening days. The colour orange is an expression of warmth, cheerfulness and sincere feelings towards someone. It sends out the message of heartfelt congratulations on the achievement to the business owner.

These are few tips which will help you choose the right flower stands for a grand business opening. Hope they help.


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