How to make Mother’s Day special during the lockdown?


With Mother’s Day around the corner, you must be looking for awesome gifts to pamper your mommy. We understand planning something extraordinary amid lockdown won’t be possible. You can still spread love and happiness in her life with small yet sweet gestures. Here are some exciting ways to help you make Mother’s Day special during the lockdown.

Cook for her

Cooking for mom

Give your mom a break from endless cooking. Make her favourite breakfast and serve in bed. It is the best way to give a happy start to Mother’s Day. Or you can set up a candlelight dinner for her. Don’t forget to capture her reaction on a camera.  

Clean the house

clean the house

Do you want to become your mum’s favourite child? Well, how about you clean the entire house for Mother’s Day? It will be like a huge burden off her chest, and your mum is going to love you for it. A little effort from your end will make the day truly special for her.

Get her flowers from garden

Give her flowers

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t order pretty Mother’s Day flowers online during the lockdown. You can get fresh blooms from your garden, wrap them with a cute gift paper and present to your mom as a token of your love. The gorgeous flowers will put a cheerful smile on her face and fill her day with joy and positivity.

Bake a cake

Bake a cake

This year, bake a Mother’s Day cake at home. You can look for your mum’s favourite cake recipe online to surprise her. Make sure you have all the essentials required for baking a cake. Ask for help from your dad and siblings if you think you can’t pull that off yourself. 

Surprise with digital gifts

digital gift for mom

Don’t be surprised if we say that you can delight your mom with unique Mother’s Day gifts without stepping out of the house. Yes, it is possible with cool digital gifts that do not require shipping and get delivered via email, SMS, and video call. You can leave your mom awe-struck with a personalised video message from her favourite celebrity. Or, you can make a professional guitarist play her favourite songs on a Whatsapp video call. She’ll truly love the surprise and thank you enough for making the day memorable for her. 

Give her a soothing massage

Give her a massage

Be your mom’s personal masseuse for a day. Create a home spa with fragrant candles, essential oils, and homemade scrubs. Give her a relaxing head and shoulder massage, along with a facial and mani/pedi. The special treatment will make her feel like a queen.

Connect via technology

connect with technology

A SKYPE video call or FaceTime are great ways to connect with your mom on Mother’s Day if you live away from home and cannot come back due to the lockdown. Even miles apart, technology will help you two connect and spend some quality time together. Your mom wouldn’t want anything more than that and cherish every bit of the moment.

Also, you can make a DIY gift at home with the help of videos available online to surprise your mom. 

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