Celebration Ideas for a Lucky Lunar New Year 2021

Celebration ideas for lucky new year

Its almost time for Chinese new year which means that its time to get the festivities going. No Chinese new year is complete without firecrackers, gifts, red envelopes and a fabulous dinner with your loved ones. Also known as the Lunar New Year, this is one of the most important days that brings families and friends together to celebrate it with all pomp and show. Here are some of the ideas to throw a great family New Year celebrations.

Home Decor For Good Luck

CNY home decor
Start the arrangements with sweeping your house before the New Year as it symbolises sweeping away the bad year. Paint your house red, well, not literally but add red lanterns or red flowers in your Chinese New Year flower arrangements at home. Why only red, you ask? Red symbolises power, happiness, and vitality.

Gold for Good Fortune

Golden CNY Hamper
Red is the traditional Chinese new year colour, but it is accented with gold. Gold represents prosperity, wealth and good fortune. Hence pop in gold touch wherever possible in the decor or other arrangements made by you for the day.

Listen To The Signs

OX decor
Each Chinese new year is associated with a different animal, and as per traditions, people must put pictures or figurines of them in their houses. Since 2021 is the year of Ox, make sure to add ox in your party decor one way or the other. Dragons are also a popular symbol of the Chinese new year and must be incorporated in the decor. It symbolises strength, goodness and good luck.

Plan Gifts Exchange

red cny packets
One of the major traditions of the Lunar New year is gift exchanging. People gift money in a red envelope, also called “lucky money”. It symbolises good fortune. Add fabulous Chinese New Year hampers as a part of the gift exchange that consists of some fun goodies and delicious food items.

Bring In Traditional Dishes

cny food
A fancy new year eve dinner must consist of some of the most popular traditional dishes. Certain food items are believed to bring you wealth, prosperity, growth, longevity and more as per the legends. Some of these food items are Longevity Noodles, Sweet Rice Balls, Spring Rolls, Fish and other. Make these dishes part of your menu and invoke traditions and legends.

Conclude with Fireworks

firecrakers in cny
End your Chinese New Year dinner with impressive fireworks that are sure to leave all spellbound. As the legend goes, the sound of the crackers scares the beast and wakes the magical dragon that will fly across the sky, bringing rains and abundant crop.

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