Must Try Budget friendly Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

Mooncakes Singapore
The mid-autumn festival is a Chinese tradition to celebrate successful harvests. Ceremonies are held for worshipping the moon in the hope that the harvest-giving light will be back next year. Apart from China, the festival is celebrated across different nations like Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Like Thanksgiving, the mid-autumn festival is seen as an opportunity for families to unite. The mid-autumn festival involves several lovely rituals such as gathering for dinners and gobbling on delicious mooncakes. If you are searching for some affordable mooncakes for the mid-autumn festival, we have listed a few that will take your celebrations a notch higher.

White Lotus Mooncake

A white lotus mooncake is highly popular with a decorative pattern embossed on top. This type of mooncake will encase a sweet filling inside a golden-brown skin. Usually, the filling is pure lotus paste. Other sweet fillings inside a white lotus mooncake include red bean, black sesame, and mung bean. There is another variant of the white lotus mooncake too which includes a combination of sweet and savoury filling.

Snow Skin Mooncake

If you are looking for a no-bake mid-autumn festival moon cake, the snow skin variant should be your top choice. All traditional mooncakes are baked. But the process of baking can be skipped while making snow-skin mooncakes. The skin is made of rice flavour, which adds a unique fragrance and smooth texture. Snow skin mooncakes in Singapore will have embossed patterns on top. They are available in a unique variety of pastel colours. Different natural or synthetic flavours and colours can be added to produce different variations of the snow skin mooncake.

Salted Egg Yolk Mooncake

When you buy mooncakes, the salted egg yolk is an out-of-the-box flavour. Mooncakes with egg yolks usually come with a sweet filling. Red bean paste or lotus seed paste are quite popular fillings for egg yolk mooncakes.

Pomelo Mooncake

Mooncakes with a healthy twist include a fruity flavour. Pomelo is one of the most common fruits used in mooncakes because the citrus fruit is primarily harvested during the mid-autumn festival. A pomelo mooncake has a sweet taste without being greasy. You won't be denied variety when looking for a mooncake gift for the mid-autumn festival. Besides, the aforementioned delicious and visually pleasing treats will enhance your mid-autumn festival celebrations. Order for yourself or your loved ones today!

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