Special Activities for Children’s Day

Special Activities for Children's Day

Children’s Day gives you and your kids a great opportunity to enjoy together and make a beautiful album of loving memories. If you want to plan something unique and exciting for your children, but your busy work routine is playing villain, we are here to help.

Here is a list of exciting activities that you can plan easily without the need for making excuses to your boss.

Plan a picnic

Plan a picnic

From impromptu breakfasts to sunset dinners, picnics are a delightful way to spend some quality time with your family. And when it’s Children’s Day, this becomes even more special. So, pack your picnic bag with some blankets, easy-to organise activities, and yes, your kid’s favourite snacks and juices. And if you are struggling to decide what all to take, order a wonderful hamper packed with gourmet goodies from Ferns N Petals.

Organise a grand party (well, of course indoors!)

Organise a grand party

There are a few things that kids enjoy more than colourful parties and lots of dancing. So, clear up the furniture in your living room for the day, decorate the area with balloons and their favourite characters, and put on some latest music. Also, do not forget to order the star of the event, a scrumptious cake. While they enjoy the party, you can relish the beautiful smiles on their faces.

An epic treasure hunt

treasure hunt

Just say the word ‘treasure hunt,’ and watch your kids’ eyes light up with joy and excitement. Hide your kids’ favourite chocolates, toys, and other Children’s Day gifts all around your home, garden, and backyard, and let them search for it. The only effort lies in creating bizarre rules and maps, but don’t worry; it does not need to be complicated. This adventure activity will keep your children entertained all through the day.

A movie marathon

A movie marathon

There is nothing better than watching a movie (or two) with your children on this special day. Organise a fun movie marathon with tickets, popcorns, and blanket to cuddle. Enjoy their favourite superhero or animated movie (the one you secretly love) with endless giggles and laughter. To make it more interesting, you can consider a themed movie night as well with a personalised gift.

A painting competition (remember, friendly)

A painting competition

There is no denying that children love painting. This Children’s Day, get home a lot of empty canvases, drawing books, and colours, and let your kids unleash the artist within them. Frame these pieces and make them a part of your house as a wonderful memory to be cherished for a lifetime.

Shower your kids with your love and blessings, and of course, a lot of gifts. Experience a magical bond with your children on this special day with Ferns N Petals right by your side.


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