How to celebrate Children’s Day in Singapore?

Children's Day is one of the most special events for kids, which is entirely dedicated to making the little ones feel special. Besides the global importance of this event relating to child rights and safety, this day brings forth excitement and opportunity for parents and mentors at school to make the little ones happy. And to do that, buying them exciting Children’s Day gifts is one of the best ways.

Children's Day in Singapore is celebrated on the first Friday of October. This year, it will be observed on October 6th, 2023. Here's a list of way to celebrate Children's Day.

Fun Activities & Events at School

While the preschoolers have a day off on this day in Singapore, the elder ones are supposed to come to school and celebrate this day with their teachers and friends. Schools organise small events and activities for kids to make this day enjoyable and fun.


Your kid will always look up to you for having fun. Thus, taking them out for a picnic on Children's Day will help you to bond with your kids and spend quality time with them. This one day, just drop all your work and spend some old-school park picnic time with your kids.

Cooking Without Fire

At times, preparations are much more special than the event. Cooking without fire is a great activity for kids to help them learn while having fun. Have cooking without fire session with your kids, and you will find them enjoying it much more than any other activity.

Puppet Show and Party

While your kids love to learn and present things to you every now and then, it's your turn to present some of it now. Organise a puppet show with the help of your partner and other parents and let your kid along with their friends be the audience. Add some good snacks, juices and music to the party, and there you go. Your Children's Day puppet show and the party will be a hit.

Gaming Day

If your kids love gaming, dedicate this event to a day out for gaming. It can be bowling, kids’ video games, outdoor sports or anything as per your kid’s choice. This will help you to cherish some exciting time with your child and weave beautiful memories while celebrating Children's Day.