About Children's Day

While we try to teach kids about the ways of life, children unknowingly teach us what life is all about. Having a kid in the house is equal to constant chirpiness and warmth. You get to learn a lot from these innocent souls and mischievous faces. While we're busy planning the future of the little ones, they're engaged in living in the moment. From guiltless emotional outbursts to twinkling eyes, a child will imitate you to a level where you can reflect yourself in them.

Children’s Day in Singapore

Back in 1961, Singapore declared its official Children's Day on October 1st. In 2011, Singapore changed the date and decided to celebrate the first Friday of October as Children's Day. This also meant that children would get a long weekend starting from Friday to Sunday. This year, Children's Day will be observed on October 6th, 2023. Singapore has an official holiday for preschoolers and primary school students on Children's Day. This allows them to enjoy a long weekend with the family. However, secondary school students usually go to school, wherein events and fun activities with exciting Children’s Day gifts are arranged for them to celebrate together.

According to the United Nations, World Children's Day is celebrated on November 20th to spread awareness about improving child welfare and promoting unity amongst children across the world. First official Children's Day was observed in the year 1954. Adding to the importance of this occasion, this day since 1990 is also celebrated as the day when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration and the Convention on the rights of a child.

Why do we celebrate Children's Day?

Children's Day is an important event that signifies the need to promote the rights of children that can help us build a better world. On this day, various organisations in Singapore and across the world hold awareness events to highlight the issues faced by a child. Some of the common agendas include protecting them from rising crime against children and providing a safer environment for them to grow into a healthy individual and lead a decent life.