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    Flowering Plants

    Flowering plants apart from elevating the level of oxygen in the air also produces colorful flowers that are soothing to the eyes and wins the hearts of people. You can gift flowering plants to those friends or relatives who have a knack for gardening. Also, you can buy some for yourself and add some natural colors to your life.

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    Flowering Plants
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    Purple Orchid Plant In Glass Vase
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    Lily Plant With Birthday Caricature Mug
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    Sweet Purple Orchid Plant With Greeting Card
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    Jute Wrapped Dual Potted Plants
    "I was impressed with the customer service who called me to offer a discount & she also helped to get a complimentary 2nd card. However, one of the potted plants toppled over upon delivery as it was not well-balanced. Anyway, I’m still satisfied overall. Thanks so much! ☺️����"
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      Buy flowering plants online in Singapore

      “Flowering plants” also scientifically known as “angiosperms”, are found in abundance in the plant kingdom as compared to other plants. There are more than 260,000 flowering plants and each has its own meaning and worth. Flowers are assets to homes as they are assets to the gardens. Indoor flowering plants can successfully lighten the interior of the house and bring both life and scent in equal measure. Flora is always a perfect gift for any occasion and the best thing is that even without an occasion, it can easily be gifted.

      It is universally known that potted flowers last longer than any bouquet ever could. They continue to breathe and live and in the process, spread their charm, reminding the recipient about your love and thoughtfulness. Secondly, when you gift someone a flowering plant, it means you are gifting them something to cherish and decorate their spaces with. Thirdly, flowering plants are eco-friendly and make for excellent house plants. And lastly, they are also economical. So, here are some suggestions on which flowering plants you can gift your near and dear ones in Singapore.

      Send flowering plants to loved ones in Singapore

      • Kaffir lily
      • These plants bloom during the winter season. Kaffir Lily is one of the most popular flowering plants as it is easy to care for. This winter plant can bring your home to life. This picture-perfect plant is the best gift one can give friends. Christmas Day may be a good occasion to present it on.

      • Dessert rose Bonsai plant
      • Dessert rose Bonsai plant is also known as Adenium; it is a genus of flowering plants in the Apocynum family. This flowering plant does not require much care and is thus an appropriate gift. It is an outdoor flowering plant which can bring more peace into the home.

      • Jasmine plant
      • Numerous species of Jasmine can be found these days. These include the regular Jasmine and Arabian Jasmine. They grow into a beautiful fragrant white and pink flower. They are sweetly scented flowers, used in several perfumes as well.

      • MILT Sansevieria indoor plant Terrarium
      • These flowering succulents are part of flowering plants in the family of Asparagaceae. This plant is one of the best for filtering out formaldehyde which is found very commonly in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products. You can gift them on housewarming occasions.

      • Jade plant
      • This is a very likable gift as it is not very high maintenance. Though it originates from South Africa, it can be found in the temperate region. The white and pink flower that blooms can brighten your home atmosphere with elan. You can present them to your loved ones as an I Miss You gesture.

      • Peace Lily
      • The Peace Lily is a gorgeous perennial plant that can liven any space. It is a low-maintenance houseplant that blooms graceful white flowers in the spring. Give this flowering plant to your spouse as a meaningful birthday or Valentine's day gift. They come in vases and pots of different shapes and sizes.

      • Phalaenopsis Orchids
      • This indoor flowering plant in Singapore is commonly known as the Moth Orchid. The Phalaenopsis Orchid is considered to be a very rewarding plant because they are one of the least demanding plants. Gift an Orchid plant to your friends on their special occasions. Choose a glass vase or an earthen pot as a planter for the orchid.

      • Anthurium
      • The Anthurium flowering plant blooms bright reddish-pink flowers which add a great pop of colour to the home decor. You can order this plant as a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift for your friends and family. The anthuriums come in jute wrappings, bouquets, and glass vases.

      Get flowering plants delivered in Singapore with FNP

      There are many occasions that come and go but there are also some unplanned occasions like get-togethers or a surprise invitation to the house of your near or dear relatives or far-away relatives.

      You can always place the safe bet of giving flowers – one can never go wrong with flowers. The occasion could be of happiness or sadness but a flower is something you can always count on. FNP is your best gifting option in Singapore and here you come across a large variety of floral gifts. Indoor plants and outdoor plants Singapore can be immediately ordered with free shipping. One can expect same-day gift delivery after placing an order.