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    Air Purifying Plants

    One of the results of modern-day living is increasing stress or anxiety or tension among people. Do you know that air purifying plants can reduce the signs of stress? Explore the refreshing collection of such plants like areca plant, Syngonium, or money plant, etc. and pick up some for yourself and your loved ones in Singapore for a better life.

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    Air Purifying Plants
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    White Orchid Plant In Glass Vase
    "Everything was great. Customer service was fantastic, plant was beautiful and delivery was on time and as promised. Thanks you!"
    13/02/2023, 5:19 PM
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    Succulents In Round Glass Vase
    "Efficient and products are good"
    13/02/2023, 5:13 PM
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    Red & White Anthurium Plant In Rectangular Vase
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    16/01/2023, 7:35 PM
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    Amazing Peace Lily Plant
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    04/01/2023, 3:43 PM
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    Classic Jade Plant
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    08/11/2022, 4:54 PM
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    Mini Succulent Garden In Round Vase
    "Can provide more details to the product.. like the dimension.. the type of plant in the pot.. etc.."
    31/10/2022, 6:26 PM
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    Mini Succulent Garden In Grey Vase
    "Excellent job done"
    31/10/2022, 5:48 PM
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    Flowering Anthurium Plant In Round White Pot
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    Classic Money Plant
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    29/07/2022, 12:27 PM
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    Lily Plant With Birthday Caricature Mug
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    Calathea Dottie
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      Get beautiful Air Purifying Plants in Singapore

      Air purifying plants make for excellent gifts in Singapore. Since we know our ecosystem is not pure these days what with the pollution caused by vehicles and industries polluting the air, it is the core reason behind most diseases these days. We can contribute to the environment by adding some plants to our space and also purify the air with the use of air-purifying plants.

      Plants not only add up to the beauty of the house, but also purify the atmosphere that we live in. Plants convert the carbon-dioxide we exhale to breathable oxygen. Some air purifying plants can also remove toxins from the air we breathe. With the growing pollution levels, one must have some air-purifying plants at home and offices to get fresh air at all times.

      Order Air Purifying Indoor Plants Online In Singapore

      There are innumerable beautiful air-purifying plants which can add a special dimension to your space while contributing towards fresh air at the same time. Here are some of the top choices-

      • Gerbera Daisy
      • It is a popular air purifying indoor plant due to its attractive looks and quality to purify air. It not only enhances the beauty of the house but also removes trichloroethylene from the air. It can also release more oxygen than any typical house plant.

      • Dendrobium Orchid
      • These bright and beautiful indoor flowers rid the air from xylene. Orchids come in a variety of colours and are suitable to be placed in the bedroom as they give off oxygen at night. Be it a house warming party or a wedding, you can decorate your house with orchids.

      • Dracaena
      • Red-edged dracaena can be used as an office desk plant. They are very easy to maintain and are known to remove harmful particles like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene from the air.

      • Boston Fern
      • Boston fern looks delicate, but it is excellent at removing formaldehyde from the air. These air purifying plants not only cleans your air but also ease your stress, while increasing your focus.

      • Peace Lily
      • Mostly white in colour, peace lilies are found to be very good at removing toluene, benzene and trichloroethylene. These are indoor plants and emit oxygen at night, thereby improving the air quality so that you sleep better.

      • Snake Plants
      • If you are living in an urban space with a high API(air pollution index), then snake plants are the best for you. They are known for their fast air purification, low maintenance, and beautiful looks which makes them ideal for homes and offices.

      • Jade Plant
      • The Jade plant is a small plant with coined-shaped leaves. Not only will they help you keep the air clean, but jade plants also attract positivity, success and wealth. So, you can order jade plants in Singapore and keep them in front of the entrance or near your office desk for fruitful health and wealth.

      Buy Air Purifying Plants for a variety of Occasions

      Singapore is a land of occasions. Throughout the year, different festivals are celebrated in the country. Some of them are the Chinese New Year also known as Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival where dragon boats are decorated with flowers and made to compete with others, Hari Raya Puasa symbolizing purification and renewal of an individual, etc. But whatever may be the occasion, whether it is something big or some small birthday party or anniversary party, it is always incomplete without plants or flowers. There are plants that clean the air. Feng Shui Plants are believed to purify the air, counteract negative energy and bring fortune and good luck. Gifting your loved ones some Feng Shui plants like the money plant, devil's ivy and jade plant on such occasions will not only make them happy, but also add positive energy to their homes.

      Get Doorstep Delivery for your favorite Plant Courtesy FNP

      Now you don't have to worry about the availability of air purifying plants or Feng Shui plants any more. You just need to order the plants you need online and FNP will deliver them at your doorstep within 24 hours without any extra delivery charges. There are several other delivery options that you can consider as per your own convenience. Along with our green plants, you can also get vibrant and fresh flower bouquets from our website to surprise your special people on different occasions. Customer satisfaction has always been our motto; we make sure you get the best of what you desire at all times. With hassle free shipping and same day delivery service, your gifts are delivered fresh and pure, just as you want them.