Tips to Celebrate your Birthday While maintaining Social Distancing

Celebrate your Birthday While maintaining Social Distancing

Though the covid-19 cases are on a low, the rules for social distancing are still prevalent. You can’t throw a massive birthday bash; however, you can always find creative ways to celebrate it. Instead of hosting a hectic party, choose amongst these innovative and exciting ideas for a fun-filled birthday.

Indulge in Self Pampering

self pampering

The best way to celebrate any birthday is to indulge in self-pampering. You can either visit a posh salon for a day of self-care or do it yourself at home. In any case, pop the champagne early and commemorate the day with relaxing massages, beauty face masks and pretty painted nails.

Host Virtual Games

virtual gaming

If you live away from your family and don’t wish to take the risk of inviting anyone home, this is the perfect solution for you. Whether you do a video call with your family or friends, play entertaining games like Pictionary, cards against humanity and several more. You will certainly have the time of your life.

Pick a Party Theme

Jungle birthday Theme

Whether you organise a virtual or a small-sized party at home, jazz it up with a theme. You can ask your guests to come in the decided themed attire to a house decked with fun décor. Take it to the next level with a designer themed birthday cake.  Make sure to invite only a few guests, if at all you host a party.

Bar Hopping at Home

accessible bar

Since it is very risky to go to clubs, get the club to you. Arrange a bar-hopping experience in your own home by setting up mini bars in every room of the house. You can invite your closest friends or family members and enjoy a night of drinking in different bar rooms.

Treat Yourself with a Fancy Meal

Italian Meal 

On this joyous day, you deserve to be treated in a special manner. So what if you don’t have your loved ones around, you can treat yourself to a fancy meal. You can choose to splurge in the new high-end restaurant or order your favourite meal. 

Make a Purposeful Donation

Giving back

This year, instead of buying gifts, make a purposeful donation to an NGO or research institute for a cause you care about. It is essential to reflect on the things you as an individual has done for society. Once you give back to the community, irrespective of the size of the donation, you will feel a sense of fulfilment and joy.

While sending birthday gifts in Singapore is a ritual one cannot escape from, pick amongst these birthday celebration ideas for a more satisfying and enjoyable birthday.


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