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Birthday Themes

Birthdays are synonymous for fun, celebration and lots of treats. The elements of kids’ birthday party involve a venue, décor, food, games, favours and a lot more. But the essential factor that connects them all is- a fun theme. Once you have chosen the theme for a birthday party, everything else starts to fall in place. Therefore, you should put a lot of thought while choosing it. 

Are you confused as there are tons of options online and asking what you should do? Well, let us present some well-researched theme ideas to help you plan the best kids’ birthday party ever. 

Unicorn Theme

Unicorn birthday Theme

Who isn’t fascinated with this legendary fictional creature? Their single, large, pointed spiralling horn projecting from forehead makes them look even cuter. This marvellous party theme will leave your little guests in awe. Incorporated in invites, décor, dress code, food, birthday cake, and games- the unicorn theme will create a magical, dreamy atmosphere.

Superheroes Theme

Superhero theme

Every kid dreams of having powers like their favourite superheroes. Well, you can make their dream come with a superheroes theme party, even if it is just for their birthday. Keep superheroes dress code and let your little guests choose their powerful personality. Turn the party venue into a scenic movie plot. Give away capes and masks as entry gifts. And a game activity to choose the best superhero among all is a great idea to make the party even more exciting.

Harry Potter Theme

harry potter theme

For all the potter heads out there, this is one birthday party theme that never goes out of style. From harry potter themed décor to having everyone dressed up as harry potter characters, it will be one awesome party to delight all your little guests. Arrange for some cool games like scavenger hunt & Hogwarts quiz to entertain those little nerds in the group.

Cartoon Character Theme 

cartoon Theme Party

Children love watching cartoons. Or should we say they are addicted to these fun characters? A cartoon character themed birthday party is probably the best idea ever. Including a delicious cartoon cake along with bright, colourful balloon decorations and party favours will take the fun quotient to a whole new level. You can ask kids to come dressed as their favourite cartoon character. And pass out prizes for the best dressed one.

Jungle Theme

Jungle birthday Theme

The jungle theme is another excellent idea, which is being loved and experimented around the world in kids and adult birthday parties. The colour theme would, of course, be green along with all other natural shades. Inflatable animals and handmade party favours would make the appearance of the venue even more exciting. Decorate the floor with printable footprints of animals to bring the jungle theme to life. Also, when the theme is all-natural, you can incorporate healthy snacks and fruits to the food menu, and kids won’t complain even once.

Birthdays call for a grand celebration, so why not jazz up the mood of the party with these fun and exciting themes.

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