Everything you need to Know about Singapore Food Festival

Singapore food festival

A montage of vibrant cultures, Singapore is one of the few to celebrate the sheer joy that food is, with a festival solely dedicated to it. Isn’t that absolute goals?

With festivities that last for about a month beginning from July, the Singapore Food Festival is purely what dreams of a foodie are made up of. Here’s everything about the globally acclaimed festival that you should know.

The Roots

Organised by the Singapore Tourism Board, the festival was first noted in 1994 to celebrate local food and promote culinary talents of a country with such a great diversity in food. An annual tradition, the 26th edition of the Singapore Food Festival was celebrated last year in 2019. 

Things to do at the Singapore Food Festival:

  • If you are an aspiring cook or are intrigued by the culinary art of bringing exotic flavours together, you will find various workshops along with the venue here. Explore your skills or say hello to international and local chefs presenting their talents at stalls organised at the festival. If your passion for cooking knows no bounds, the Masterclass and Private Chef’s Table here is just for you.
  • The various events organised during the Singapore Food Festival breathe life into the zealous celebrations. It is at these events that the most iconic food parties happen and unbelievably delicious food is served. The signature event is Streat, which is actually a food market lined with internationally acclaimed chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants. 
  • The festivities and varieties at McDonald’s during the festival are absolutely worth witnessing. The global-food chain announces a special menu boasting local Singaporean flavours that are just drool-worthy.
  • The festival also has a dedicated Curry Day where you can relish traditional dishes prepared with a blend of authentic Singaporean roasted spices. Do try the curry-cooking classes here. 
  • Don’t miss out on the drinks and food served by DFS at the Changi Airport and the pocket-friendly delicacies served at the Chinatown Food Street. Enjoy beach-front dining at Sentosa Grillfest and observe various Asian influences on Singaporean dishes at the Balik Kampong Heritage Dinner.

Food is not all that is offered at the festival; visitors have an opportunity to witness the finest food-films as well. You get to be a part of lit parties, get tipsy and spend away the night dancing.

A paradise for every food-lover, Singapore Food Festival deserves a top-spot in your bucket list of things to do in a lifetime.

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