Valentine’s Day Flowers for Every Relationship Stage

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When selected the right way, flowers are always the blooming brilliant gift for Valentine’s Day. We understand that V-Day can cause butterflies (even hurricanes) and amidst all this, selecting the right bouquet appears to be a daunting task. But no need to worry sweethearts! In this blog, we have put down the perfect flowers for each relationship milestone after years of careful consideration –

“Just Friends”

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If you’d like to send warm wishes to your friend or convey a message of friendly affection, you can’t go wrong with yellow roses. These cheerful blooms symbolise platonic relationships and bring forth feelings of joy and warmth; perfect for expressing your friendly sentiments.

Love at First Sight

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For those struck by Cupid’s arrow at first glance, consider lilies flowers. Their striking appearance mirrors the cute nature of love at first sight, creating a bouquet that is both beautiful and captivating.

Young Love

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There is nothing like the feeling when you start to date someone. The heart beats faster with every word and gesture, even the simplest ones. Make a statement at this stage with a dozen red roses, the timeless symbol of love. They are an ideal choice for those in the initial throes of affection.

Getting Serious

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As your relationship takes on a more serious tone, express your commitment with a mix of elegant white and pink roses. Symbolising purity and sincerity, these colourful roses make up an amazing choice showcasing the depth and maturity of a relationship, hinting that it has transitioned into a more committed phase.

Totally in Love

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Now, if you have clearly shouted the ‘L’ word and are completely smitten by your partner, surprise him/her with a bold arrangement of passionate red and pink roses or tulips. These flowers are a perfect choice to convey intense love and admiration.

Newly Engaged

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Celebrate the joy of commitment with vibrant tulips. You may choose a mix of colours to represent your excitement and express, ‘I cannot wait to spend my life with you

Growing Family

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As your family grows, so does the significance of your love. Say ‘You’re still the one’ to your significant other with a bouquet of sunflowers. Their radiant petals represent the warmth and positivity that a growing family brings. 

So, roses are red, violets are blue, choose your flowers for Valentine’s Day wisely to impress your boo!

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