Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Answered with 6 reasons

Why Celebrate Valentine's Day? Answered with 6 reasons

Valentine’s Day is cheesy, cliché and filled with unnecessary romance! Or it is a day when you can do what makes you two happy. 14th February is a day when you can make big or small steps in expressing your feelings. So, for those who don’t understand this day’s significance, we have provided 6 reasons for the most asked question- why celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Centuries-old Tradition

Why Celebrate Valentine's Day? Centuries-old Tradition

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Yes, there are many stories and versions of how 14th February came to be called Valentine’s Day. However, it was Saint Valentine, a patron of love, who made this day possible. Thus, many celebrate Valentine’s Day to honour him by making loving gestures towards their partner. 

Speak your Heart out 

Celebrate Valentine's Day- Speak your Heart Out

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Reason number 2 to why celebrate Valentine’s Day is to gain the courage to speak your heart out. Yes, on this day, you can fearlessly approach your crush or let your beloved know how deeply you love them. 

Indulge in Pampering

Why Celebrate Valentine's Day? Indulge in Pampering

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Everyone is busy with their mundane 9 to 5 life which often leads to neglect towards their partner. So, let 14th February be the day when you drop everything and pamper each other with love. A special Valentine’s Day gift, be it flowers or a spa gift card will add a great touch. 

Have Together-time

Celebrate Valentine's Day- Have Together Time

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If showering your partner with gifts is not your love language, spending time together should be. Moreover, the day of love means nothing if you two don’t have each other’s attention. Therefore, spending hours together is one of the most important reasons to why celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Celebrate Timeless Love

Why Celebrate Valentine's Day? Celebrate Timeless Love

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If any of the above reasons why celebrating Valentine’s Day does not work for you, let it be because you love each other passionately. Let your timeless love shine with the smallest effort and by being yourself. After all, such love doesn’t require months of planning! 

Create New Memories

Why Celebrate Valentine's Day? Create New Memories

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Every day, minute and second, you create memories without realising. However, on this day, you must make new loving and romantic memories that’ll melt your hearts. The day of love requires you two to gleam with joy. 

Appreciate your Partner

Celebrate Valentine's Day- Appreciate your Partner

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While you don’t shy away when appreciating fine things in life, it’s time to show some to your partner too. After all, there’s no one finer than them! And that’s another answer to ‘why celebrate Valentine’s Day.’ 

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