How to Celebrate Women’s Day in the Right Way

How to Celebrate Women's Day in the Right Way

As Miley Cyrus said, “I can buy myself flowers, talk to myself for hours” and this is precisely how every woman should feel about herself. After all, we are magnificent and incredible creatures who can do it all. So, this 8th March, let’s make a list of how to celebrate Women’s Day in the right way to make this world and your life a lot better. Scroll down to find out! 

Celebrate Yourself 

How to Celebrate Women's Day in the Right Way? - Celebrate Yourself

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You are a smart, brave, beautiful and accomplished woman who can do it all. So, it is high time you recognise your qualities and celebrate yourself in a manner that brings you the most happiness. Be it by going on a vacation, patting yourself on the back or taking a few moments to praise yourself. This 2023, commending yourself is the number 1 answer to how to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

Truly Support other Ladies 

Women's Day Celebrations- Truly Support other ladies

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8th March and all the days before and after that require you to show support to other ladies. So, let this day encourage you to provide financial help to small women-owned businesses, emotional assistance to your friends or motivate your female colleagues. 

Indulge in Self-pampering 

How to Celebrate Women's Day in the Right Way? - Indulge in Self-pampering

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Let’s answer the question; of how to celebrate Women’s Day with a fun indulgence in self-pampering. Be it a relaxing spa, a day to do nothing, a shopping spree or a fancy solo trip. This is the day when you can spoil yourself to any extent with an ideal Women’s Day gift

Be an Advocate for Women’s Rights 

Women's Day Celebrations- Be an Advocate for Women's Rights

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Women have come a long way in their fight for rights, but the journey is not over. Many more issues, behaviours, mindsets and societal pressures need to be addressed, which is why the more men and women become advocates for women’s rights; the sooner things get better. So, if you’re looking for an impactful how to celebrate Women’s Day answer, this is it! 

Spend the Day with your Gal Pals 

How to Celebrate Women's Day in the Right Way? - Spend the Day with your Gal Pals

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A woman’s best friend should be no one but another woman! So, on this note, we want you to spend this day with your gal pals doing whatever makes you happy, be it Netflix and chilling, brunching or doing wall art. This is your day to make memories and shower a little more love on your girlfriends. 

Donate to Women’s Care NGOs

Women's Day Celebrations- Donate to Women's Care NGOs

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If the above ideas on how to celebrate International Women’s Day don’t work for you, you can always opt for a simpler yet meaningful act- donating. Do your R&D for women’s care NGOs that resonate with you and make a comfortable donation to help those ladies. 

Binge till your Stomach Aches 

How to Celebrate Women's Day in the Right Way? - Binge till your Stomach Aches

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Women should not eat much but enough to stay healthy. They should not be heavy and not too thin. They should eat like a lady but not eat only salads. This never-ending list of what they should and should not do is very exhausting, and that’s why from 8th March onwards, you should not care two hoots. Eat to your heart’s content or till your stomach aches because you can do what you desire. Therefore, attacking buffets, ordering Women’s Day cakes, drinking mimosas at 11 am and eating ice cream for lunch is the apt answer to how to celebrate Women’s Day. 

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