10 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples
Celebrating the milestones of relationships is very important. Exchanging gifts is an important part of celebrations and after years of togetherness, choosing gifts becomes a struggle. You already have gifted all the usual gifts to each other, so surprising them is difficult.

Here are 10 unique anniversary gift ideas, which you can use to surprise your better half

DIY Message in a Bottle

Over years you must have gifted your better half all sorts of materialistic things but express your feelings a DIY message in a bottle. Express your emotions and tell them how they made your journey beautiful.

Personalised Pushpin World Map

If you and your partner love to travel, this would the perfect gift for them. Gift them a world map with a promise that you will travel the world with them. You can put pins on the places you have been.

Star Map

Gift your partner a star map showing how stars looked on the day you met. You just need to enter a place and a time, and it will make a map of the stars that day.

The Full Personalised Combo

Add memories to your gift by making a personalised combo. Include a personalised mug, personalised keychain, personalised cushion, personalised watch, personalised cake, and anything else.


Gift your partner a plant, telling them how much you care about them. Moreover, gifting plants to someone signifies that just like a plant lives for years and years, you wish your relationship to last forever.

Personalised Wine Glasses

A perfect gift for the wine lovers. Gift your better half personalised wine glasses with your name on one, and their name on the other.

Open When Letters

There is nothing more romantic than words. When you express how you feel to your partner, they feel valued and loved. Write open when letters to help your partner in situations where you can not be to comfort them.

Puzzle Photo Frame

Get a picture of you 2 in the form of a puzzle, and let your partner join the pieces. Challenge them to solve the puzzle.

Flowers & Perfumes

Gift your partner a fragrant gift. Although you may have gifted this before, this classy gift always works. Make sure you’re going for your partner’s favourite flowers.

Bag Full Of Snacks

Gift your partner a bag full of snacks, implying that they are the ones you’d love to spend the rest of your life binge eating.

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